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Re: Pass DSOURCE as parameter Sounds like you've figured it out then. Magic constants (VAR, DSOURCE, EXP and so on) are integers containing pointers into the referenced object's repository.

Andy Jerison
7:20 PM

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Re: Pass DSOURCE as parameter I realized I only need to use the DSOURCE literal in the calling program and then pass the interpreted sequence number of a data source in the Data repository

Mike Moore
6:39 PM

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Pass DSOURCE as parameter Is it possible to pass a literal [ such as '102'DSOURCE ] as a parameter between programs? Thanks.

Mike Moore
5:56 PM

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Re: How to print diagonally on full page in lighter grey color Lado, Create an entry in your font .eng file using a large font, 45 degree angle, select light gray, transparent background. On your form, put 'Sample' in

2:22 PM

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Re: How to print diagonally on full page in lighter grey color Hi Lado, What you’re looking for is called a watermark. You can set up PDF printer drivers to do this for you. Unfortunately the PDF I/O device in Magic

Andy Jerison
2:21 PM

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Re: How to print diagonally on full page in lighter grey color Thanks sherman On Mar 2, 2015 5:06 PM, "sherman levine slevine@... [magicu-l]"

Lado Wali
2:09 PM

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Re: How to print diagonally on full page in lighter grey color I've done this with a background BMP and multiple text fields in fixed locations on the page. I updated each field and then printed the page. It lacked

sherman levine
2:06 PM

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How to print diagonally on full page in lighter grey color Hi Group, I need to print e.g. Sample on our printed purchase order diagonally in the big font but in lighter color so it looks like printed in the background.

Lado Wali
1:54 PM

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Re: CHAR and VARCHAR Hi Steve. Sorry - I didn't realise this was a Btrieve/Pervasive API-specific issue. I've obviously spent too many years buried in MSSQL - ;-) And, now, made

Alan Brookes
1:01 PM

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Magic V8 V9 Unipaas Magic xpa Buscando trabajo, Job Searching Me dirijo a ustedes cordialmente, con el propósito de ofrecer mis servicios profesionales, específicamente en Magic, Unipaas y Magic xpa. Soy Ingeniera en

12:59 PM

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Antw: [magicu-l] Digest Number 12190 (Abwesenheitsnotiz einschliessl Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, bis einschliesslich 4.3.15 bin ich nicht im Büro und habe keinen Zugriff auf meine Emails. Ihre Email wird nicht

Michael Quast
12:00 PM

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Re: CHAR and VARCHAR Alan, First, the situation Rob described is specific to Magic's Btrieve (ISAM) gateway and the standard I was referring to is for the Btrieve API. The

Steven G. Blank
11:56 AM

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HTTPCall Unipaas 1.9 Hi, I have a requirement to talk to and receive back from a Government agency from within my Unipaas application. The overview of the host site states the

Graham White
11:18 AM

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Re: Recursive OLE Unipaas/Excel Adam, ... Based on the above variable designations, the Task Prefix Update expression should be: COMHandleSet('BC'VAR, BA) You reversed the arguments (BA<->BC)

Steven G. Blank
11:16 AM

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Re: CHAR and VARCHAR Hi Steve. What standard "dictates that CHAR columns be space-padded"? None that I've ever hit...? I've not used Btrieve/Pervasive since the '90s, but (apart

Alan Brookes
11:02 AM
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