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Re: [Magic Springs Theme Park] ABOUT THE SALE OF MAGIC SPRINGS ?

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  • Brian Wolters
    Yeah, it will take a while for the new owners to make an impact. I ve been a Silver Dollar City pass holder for the last 2 years and haven t been to Magic
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 19, 2008
      Yeah, it will take a while for the new owners to make an impact.

      I've been a Silver Dollar City pass holder for the last 2 years and
      haven't been to Magic Springs since the X-Coaster's first year. I was
      so upset that we didn't get the extended X-Coaster model as just
      going in a circle is pretty cheesy.

      Don't get me wrong, they've done a great job in making the park very
      nice since it reopened but I think we need to think big and no small
      when it comes to the coasters.

      --- In magicspringsthemepark@yahoogroups.com, Tom <reftom@...> wrote:
      > Hey lightning,
      > The previous owners (and the owners before them) sold the park to
      get a profit on their initial investment. The "new owners", PARC
      Management, have had the park for less than a couple of months. There
      have been some subtle changes behind the scenes, but the majority of
      visible changes won't be known or apparent until the park gets ready
      to open next year. While I am still an employee, they tend to keep
      things very close to the vest during the off-season. I do know that
      they are putting a lot of emphasis on maintenance of existing rides
      and making sure the regular daily maintenance is a priority.
      > I have a feeling that there will be at least one addition to the
      steel side of the park before next year. There was talk before the
      sale of an "Ubercoaster" to be constructed before the park opened
      next year. That would require a committment with a lead time of at
      least one year. I do not know whether that is still in the plans, but
      since the water side got the new attractions the past two seasons,
      the steel side is due for the next upgrade. They have always had the
      goal of having at least one new attraction every year. That should
      not change going forward. And although the flying coaster is not new
      to coaster enthusiasts, it would be a new attraction to 95% of the
      pass holders around the park.
      > It will also be interesting to see if they continue with the pass
      benefit where if you are from out of town, your pass is good for
      admission at other PARC Management parks. We had quite a few folks
      who came from out of town that took advantage of that perk. And if
      you do any travelling during the summer, there are quite a few water
      parks in  the list that appear to be nice parks.
      > Depending on how things go within the next few weeks, I may be
      accepting  a position which would not allow me to work at the park
      next year. But that would not stop me from buying a pass and buying
      the concert reserved seat tickets that I do pay for. And with the
      added benefit of being able to go to Oklahoma City and visiting
      Frontier City and the water park in OKC, it's well worth the price
      for a gold pass.
      > Anyway, I think that if you are patient, you should be pleased with
      what is to come.
      > Tom
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      > Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 3:50:22 PM
      > Subject: [Magic Springs Theme Park] ABOUT THE SALE OF MAGIC
      SPRINGS ?
      > Hello Everyone :)
      > I was wondering as to why the previous owners sold Magic Springs in
      > the first place ???
      > Were'nt they doing a pretty Good job at Attendance Rates as well as
      > bringing in pretty Big/Good New Rides/Additions at either Magic
      > Springs or the Crystal Falls portion ?
      > So far , Since the sale of Magic Springs , It seems that " The New
      > Owners " are'nt Adding or Upgrading anything like the Old Owners of
      > the Park did ???
      > I certainly hope that this is not true because if so , Then I'm
      > worried about the Parks Future because one of the main things that
      > has made Magic Springs both a Success and a Sensation since its Re-
      > opening in 1999 is it's annual Additions and Upgrades !!!
      > So anyways , I would aprriciate it if anyone out there that has any
      > information about all of this would reply to my message .
      > Everyone out there have fun & a great Day :)
      > Thanks
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