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Trip Report: Saturday May 28th

We got our first season passes in about 4-5 years this season and was looking forward to a great day at the park. Here are some observations: Arkansas Twister
Brian Wolters
May 28, 2011

Gauntlet Article

Kind of dated but this is a new article on The Gauntlet: http://www.coaster-net.com/ride-gallery/455-gauntlet/ Gauntlet Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Last
Brian Wolters
Apr 24, 2011

Nice Video About The Park

Brian Wolters
Apr 19, 2011

Magic Springs Hires an Experienced General Manager

Brian Wolters
Feb 2, 2011

More Parc Management News

CNL Lifestyle Properties Inc. said Friday that PARC Management LLC has been terminated as the tenant-operator of Magic Springs & Crystal Falls, and plans to
Brian Wolters
Nov 20, 2010

PARC Management - Gone???

PARC Management - (11/18/10) One of our readers uncovered something interesting about PARC, found in a recient SEC filing (10-Q) from CNL. If you follow the
Brian Wolters
Nov 18, 2010

Re: Magic Springs 2011

... The conventional wisdom is that Zamperla is bringing the flying coaster from Elitch's to Coney Island's Luna Park, which they manage. I'm not a big fan of
Nov 3, 2010

Re: Magic Springs 2011

The latest news on screamscapes makes it sound like this coaster will not be going to another PARC property. http://www.screamscape.com/html/elitch_gardens.htm
Nov 2, 2010

Re: Magic Springs 2011

This isn't a major coaster and I heard it can be uncomfortable but I am wondering if it may move to Magic Springs:
Brian Wolters
Oct 14, 2010

Re: Magic Springs 2011

Yip, last year the news that they were rebuiliding the loading platform for X Coaster had me hopeful, but since they went to all that trouble I guess the new
Sep 28, 2010

Re: Magic Springs 2011

And we are off to a quiet start! LOL
Brian Wolters
Sep 20, 2010

Magic Springs 2011

Here's the official thred for any news and good rumors on new rides for 2011. This HAS to be the year of a new coaster!!!
Brian Wolters
Aug 20, 2010

Re: Quiet In Here

The Swings repair is still kind of baffling. Wondering why it took so long to repair a ride that a lot of parks have.
Brian Wolters
Jul 9, 2010

Park Reviews on Trip Advisor

Brian Wolters
Jul 9, 2010

Re: Quiet In Here

I went on Mother's Day, and it was a bad day. Of course the water park wasn't open yet, but the log ride, twist and shout, x coaster, and swings were all
Jun 28, 2010
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