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Down South Camp Meeting Cancelled!

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  • Joel Domoe
    Dear Dancers, We re very sorry to say that the early registration for Down South Camp Meeting has come and gone and we simply don t have enough registrations
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2008
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      Dear Dancers,
      We're very sorry to say that the early registration for Down South Camp Meeting has come and gone and we simply don't have enough registrations to hold the event this weekend.
      We were prepared for some financial loss and were willing to accept it - especially given how awesome it would have been to party with everyone this weekend. But the degree of severity is unfortunately so high that in order to hold the event, we would lose so much money that in addition to taking a large loss, we wouldn't have enough from our own pockets to even pay all the bands, instructors and venues involved. Sadly, we don't have a reasonable choice that doesn't involve cancelling the event as it now stands.
      Our sincerest apologies go out to all the people who did register and to all the instructors, musicians, special guests, djs and volunteers. We realize this cancellation is a significant loss and do not take it lightly. You all have been extremely supportive and generous in offering your skills, energy and participation to try and help make Down South Camp Meeting a success. It is with great sadness that we let go of a dream the once shined brightly thanks to you.
      Despite the great disappointment, we hope that the cancellation of this event will have some positive effects also - serving as a reminder of how rare and exceptional it is to have great events take place at all. We hope that other Southeast events and opportunities are cherished and the efforts of other organizers appreciated in the light of our failure. The Piedmont Swing Dance Society will have Ryan & Jenny in Greensboro & Winston-Salem in April. The opportunity to learn from them is rare and we hope many seize it. Michael and Jaya, Gina, Abigail & Reuel, Mike Legett, Tim & Sarah, and others have been incredibly successful event promoters and we hope their events (Lindy Focus, Southern Belle, Sugar Foot Stomp, Enter the Blues, Harvest Moon Melee, Private Collection, Music City Mini Camp) continue to thrive. Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association, Piedmont Swing Dance Society, Triangle Swing Dance Society and Knoxville Swing Dance Association are wonderful community based groups that maintain swing dance in their communties - keeping opportunities consistent and strong. There are many others and student organizations as well. We hope their membership swells, people understand the value of what they provide and feel compelled to support them. We hope the opportunity to dance to great bands and DJs is not taken for granted and the significance of local and regional instructors never understated.
      Sadly, we are missing the opportunities that Down South Camp Meeting presented this week, but we wish for you all that the next time your chance to dance arises, it feels a little bit sweeter for the loss.

      Ben Lovelace & Joel Domoe

      Down South Camp Meeting

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