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Apr 1

bones of Cervantes found

Experts believe they have found the remains of Miguel Cervantes, author of "Don Quixote."
Charlotte Meyer
Mar 17

Re: [MaestrosdeEspanol] quizá, quizás

You mean you don't know every last Spanish word? My native speakers slaughter me for this. Sent from my iPhone ... You mean you don't know every last Spanish
Ryan Smith
Feb 13

RE: [MaestrosdeEspanol] quizá, quizás

I’m going to jump into the thread. “Quizás” actually came after “quizá” because of other adverbs in Spanish ending in –s. “Quizás” didn’t
Daniel Hanson
Feb 13

RE: [MaestrosdeEspanol] quizá, quizás

Oh, I long for the days when I used to be able to sit back and just read for pleasure! We're on the trimester system, and I have 4 preps. I'm also tutoring 4
Chris Rose
Feb 12

Re: [MaestrosdeEspanol] quizá, quizás

Thanks for the information. The only thing I had ever seen was quizás, also. One of the things I have enjoyed about reading Los juegos de hambre is that the
Charlotte Meyer
Feb 12

RE: [MaestrosdeEspanol] quizá, quizás

It's the same thing. I think that the "s" has been swallowed up so often that the writing of the word has evolved to exclude it by some people. When I began
Chris Rose
Feb 12

quizá, quizás

I am reading Los juegos del hambre, and sometimes they use quizá and sometimes they use quizás. What´s the difference? Charlotte Meyer Spanish Teacher
Charlotte Meyer
Feb 12

Re: worksheet for movie Atletico San Pancho

Would you mind sharing video questions for Athletico San Pancho? cmccormick@... Muchas gracias!
Jan 8

Re: meter

Your right, subete is better Sent from my iPhone
Martie Balthaser
Dec 21, 2014

Canciones sencillas para principiantes

¿Sabe alguien de canciones españolas sencillas que les gustarían aprender a principiantes de 7º grado (Middle School) y que no son infantiles? En
Joana Chastain
Dec 21, 2014

Re: Engrade

I use Engrade for my classes with no problems. THere is a rankbook, calendar, turn-it-in feature. I can link to google docs in the assignment description. Kids
liz and ricky
Dec 19, 2014

Re: meter

Yes or could use subir. Generally its Mete las cosas en el coche y súbete. P Please consider the environment before printing my email
Altis Durante
Dec 19, 2014

Re: meter

My initial reaction would be to use "subirse a". "Meterse" doesn't sound bad though. It sounds more colloquial and more direct, imperative. Hope this helps.
Dec 19, 2014

Re: meter

yes..you can.. anda, metete en el coche..
Marta Balthaer
Dec 19, 2014
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