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6357Trying to save my ESL program

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  • rosa christianson
    Jan 14, 2014
      I need some ideas of what to say to try save my ESL program in MN .
      My district is small (a total of maybe 1,500  - 2,000 students from k-12, loosing several junior and seniors to the community college) and the superintendent proposed over $700,000 in cuts; we understand that only half of this amount is needed for the budget of the school, since we lost several families due to our main factory shutting down a few areas.
      My ESL program is 1 hr a day and I serve 8 students. - the cost is about $1,500 to the district.
      2 of my ESL students are immigrants from Africa and are at an intermediate level of English
      6 are non immigrants mostly speak russian at home and some spanish
      I have had the program for 11 years now with out a problem, I know the disctrict was getting money but now I am guessing it's costing the district money and the superintendent saw it as unnecessary.
      out of the 8 - 1 is high school,5 are elementary and 2 are kindergarten
      I just got an email from the sup. saying that those people in the list of cuts can present in front of the school board next week to fight for their programs in an open forum.
      I am quite nervous, I want to fight it but I don't know where to even start and what to say, show or prove...
      Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

      @>--------- Rosa
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