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Madison Activist Calendar from 1/1/07

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    Madison Activist Calendar from 1/1/07 To post events or announcements for future listings, please contact: jepeck@wisc.edu To subscribe or unsubscribe from
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      Madison Activist Calendar from 1/1/07

      To post events or announcements for future listings, please contact: jepeck@...

      To subscribe or unsubscribe from this weekly calendar listserv, visit:

      This calendar is brought to you by the friendly volunteer collective of the Madison Infoshop (IWW jobshop I.U. 620)! We are a nonhierarchical freespace and activist clearinghouse that needs your support to survive and flourish. Check out our free lending library (videos, books, periodicals, zines), our other community resources (fax machine, computers with internet access, art supplies, theater props, graphix and stencils, button maker, sewing machine), as well as our upcoming events!

      Madison Infoshop
      1019 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703
      tel. 608-262-9036

      Disclaimer: According to official UW-Madison policy only those UW events that are sponsored by an academic department are open to the general public. Otherwise they are limited to UW-Madison students, staff, faculty, and/or members of registered student organizations.

      Grassroots Leadership College Still Looking for Coaches for the Spring 2007 Semester!

      What is a Coach?

      A coach is someone who develops a trusting, supportive relationship with a developing grassroots leader to help that person do his or her work more effectively

      What Makes a Good Coach?

      * Experience as a neighborhood or community leader
      * A strong desire to learn and share
      * A willingness to commit time and energy to supporting growing leaders
      * Enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds and building healthy relationships

      What is the Coach’s relationship with their developing leader?

      * Meet with your developing leader at least once a month either during work group sessions or outside of class
      * Build a strong, supportive, mutually trusting relationship
      * Learn from your developing leader and others in the GLC
      * Support your developing leader work on their neighborhood/ community project
      * Link your developing leader with resources—people and materials that may be helpful to them

      What is the Coach’s relationship with the GLC?

      * Attend and participate in GLC meetings (Thursday evenings January 18th- May 10th 5:30-8:30pm)
      * Meet with other coaches to learn from each other
      * Seek additional support from the GLC coordinator or coach support volunteer when needed
      * Attend coach support sessions as you feel necessary

      What are the benefits for the coach in participating in the GLC?

      * Further develop your own leadership skills
      * Participate in a hands-on learning opportunity that will benefit you and your developing leader partner
      * Meet and get to know other neighborhood/community leaders
      * Learn more about our community

      What kinds of Projects are Developing Leaders Working on this Semester?

      Coaches do not need to have an expertise in any project area. We are looking for people who can support skill and relationship development that crosses over many kinds of projects. Project ideas this semester include:

      1. Sustain Dane—member involvement
      2. LOT Think Tank – (a new group of homeless/ low income people advocating for themselves) (2 leaders on projects related to this)
      3. designing workshops for Latino parents of middle school children
      4. conservation/ outdoor education
      5. science tutoring for younger grades
      6. Orton Park Auction
      7. RAFT (empowerment group—Responsible Adults for Tomorrow)
      8. starting a shelter for homeless people in drug/ alcohol recovery
      9. REAP food group coordination
      10. neighborhood association development for Troy Gardens co-housing
      11. Community Action Coalition—new staff person getting to know Madison
      12. Midvale Heights—building bridges between school and community (2 leaders on projects related to this)
      13. Rails to Trails or improving existing trails
      14. neighborhood organizing in Allied Dr.

      Coach orientation is January 18th. We will be accepting coach applications through early January. Please share this message with others who you think would make good coaches!!
      Info? #608-441-0085 coordinator@...


      Looking for a Home for Your Activist Group?
      How About the Incubator Space in located in the Social Justice Center?

      Non-profit office space will be available starting Jan. 1st and Jan. 15th in the basement of the Social Justice Center at 1202 Williamson St. The spaces available are approximately 8 x 8 sq. ft. and would be sufficient for two workstations, as well as some small storage space. Rent is $150/month with a month-to-month lease. Half of the space could be rented as a one workstation for $75/month. This price includes access to the Incubator’s fax machine and photocopier. All utilities are included and tenant may use the Social Justice Center’s conference room (per reservation) and kitchenette facilities. There is a shared high-speed, DSL connection to the building. The cost is shared among all organizations using it. Currently the price is $12.25/month. The Social Justice Center also provides subsidized tech support services. Parking space is available for an additional $50/month. Current occupants of the Incubator include Progressive Dane; Four Lakes and Wisconsin Gre
      en Party; Madison Area Family Advisory/Advocacy Coalition (MAFAAC); Madison Hours; Coalition for Wisconsin Health; and the Taskforce on Money, Education, and Prisons; and the administrative office of the Social Justice Center.

      For more info, contact: Andrew Lavelle #227-0206 or sjc@...


      Thurs. Jan. 4th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Holiday Inn (100 Amber Ave) in Stevens Point.

      First Annual Wisconsin Local Food Summit!

      Keynote speaker: Brian Halweil, senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute and author of the recent book, Eat Here: Reclaiming Homegrown Pleasures in a Global Supermarket.

      The summit will celebrate the diverse local food initiatives underway in Wisconsin and will allow opportunities for networking and sharing of information. If you are involved in or would like to start a coordinated effort by groups of farmers and other individuals, businesses, and organizations to increase local purchase and consumption of locally grown foods, please consider joining us for this event. There will also be a follow-up visioning meeting on Fri. Jan 5th. Registration is $30 by 12/11 or $40 thereafter. Scholarships are available – call #715-339-2555 for details.

      For a full schedule and registration form:

      Please help redistribute this information statewide!

      Thurs. Jan. 4th 6:30 pm Escape Coffeeshop (916 Williamson St.)

      Peak Oil Climate Crisis Meet Up!

      Worried About Peak Oil, Climate Crisis, War Without End, Economic Decline?

      You are not alone! Big changes are on the way whether we like them or not. What does the future hold for our children and our community? How will we as a community prepare to adapt to the changes and survive the looming chaos? None of us can accurately predict or control what will happen but we can help shape how the changes play out and begin to prepare to adapt.

      If you are concerned about theses sorts of issues, you are not alone. Building networks of mutual support and assistance now can help lay the basis for even greater cooperation in difficult times ahead. Organizing to fight for critical changes can also help lessen some of
      the possible future impacts. Everyone is warmly encouraged to come and share your concerns and ideas for the future.

      Info? tntnbt@... or #332-1493


      Sat. Jan. 6th 2:00 pm Madison Downtown Library (201 W. Mifflin) Planning Meeting for the Madison solidarity event on Jan. 27th coinciding with the national peace rally to be held in Washington DC. Hosted by Madison Area Peace Coalition (MAPC).

      Sun. Jan. 7th 2:00 pm Room of One's Own Feminist Bookstore (307 W. Johnson St.)
      Long Shadows: Veterans Paths to Peace. Join local veterans as they read from the new book, edited by David Giffey, which covers the stories of veterans in nine wars and their journey to peace making. Info? #257-7888

      Mon. Jan. 8th 6:00 pm Madison Infoshop (1019 Williamson St.) Madison Infoshop collective meeting. Find out about ongoing projects and what’s up on the activist front in our community! New volunteers are always welcome. Info? #262-9036

      Thurs. Jan. 11th 6:30 pm Just Coffee (1129 E. Wilson) Bread & Roses IWW Social! Join Wobblies and their friends as they celebrate the anniversary of the start of the famous 1912 Lawrence, MA textile strike led by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). There will be a short branch meeting, tours of Just Coffee’s operation (the only unionized fair trade coffee roaster and IWW jobshop in the U.S.), copious food and drink, socializing, and – of course – your favorite party games like pin the tail on the boss. Info? #262-9038 or #255-1800

      Sat. Jan. 13th 5:30 pm Divine Savior United Methodist (5702 S. Hill Dr., corner with Rosa Rd.) Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Free Community Dinner. Hosted by Health Writers, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Family Farm Defenders, WORT-FM, among many others. Lester Dore is making the main dish -- Chicken Gumbo a la Louisienne. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. Program includes presentation by
      Will Williams of Veterans for Peace, as well as music from the Gospelaires and WILPF Raging Grannies. All are Welcome. Info? #238-5740

      Sat. Jan 13th 5:30 pm Wilmar Community Center (953 Jenifer St.) Socialist Potluck – this month’s topic is Organic Food & Factory Farms with Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute. Bring a dish/drink to pass. Info? #241-2829

      Sun. Jan. 14th 8:30 – 11:00 am Wilmar Center (953 Jenifer St.) Madison Hours Pancake Breakfast – Cosponsored by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ)! All you can eat organic pancakes and oven roasted potatoes, orange juice and coffee. Yum! The cost is $7.50 of which 1/4 Hour ($2.50) can be paid with Madison Hours, plus kids eat free! Help support your local community currency! Info? www.madisonhours.org or #259-9050

      Sat. Jan. 20th 9:00 am Meriter Main Gate (333 W. Main St.) Abuse of Executive Power – Progressive Roundtable presentation with Prof. John Kaminksi, UW History Dept. Sponsored by the Madison Institute. Info? www.themadionsinstitute.org

      Mon. Jan. 22nd 6:30 pm South Madison Public Library (2222 S. Park St.) Nano Cafe – come hear about and discuss the latest on nanotechnology with local experts. What is nanotechnology? What are the benefits and risks associated with it? Be part of determining the future of this technology by participating in this community listening and feedback session. Info? www.nanocafes.org


      Sat. Jan. 27th Act Now to End the War Rally in Washington, DC!

      United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ) has issued a call to tell the new Congress that it needs to follow the lead of U.S. voters and take action against the war NOW. The UW-Madison chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) is sending buses to add Wisconsin's antiwar voices to the chorus. Buses will leave from UW's Memorial Union at 1:00 pm on Friday, January 26th, arriving in DC Saturday morning and returning Saturday night in order to get back into Madison Sunday evening.

      Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.revoltingstudents.com/ or in person at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (426 W. Gilman) and cost $125. Scholarships will be available, please send an email to wisconsincan@... if you can't afford the ticket, detailing how much you can afford and we will get back to you. If you cannot make the event but wish to help sponsor someone you can donate online at http://www.revoltingstudents.com/.


      Jan. 29th 6:00 pm Two Degrees Coffeeshop (307 W. Johnson in Room of One’s Own Bookstore) Free screening of Black Gold – the acclaimed 2006 documentary that goes behind the scenes of the global coffee industry, following Tadesse Meskela, president of the Oromia Cooperative in Ethiopia, as he tries to negotiate a better future for the coffee farmers he represents. Free samples of Oromia’s fair trade coffee, freshly roasted in Madison, will be served with a follow-up discussion on the challenges facing the fair trade movement today. Info? www.blackgoldmovie.com #204-9011 or #257-7888

      Sat. Feb. 10th 5:30 pm Wilmar Community Center (953 Jenifer St.) Socialist Potluck – this month’s topic is a Report-Back from Amman, Jordan, by local media activists who attended the Ninth World Conference and General Assembly of Community Radio Broadcasters. Bring a dish/drink to pass. Info? #241-2829


      Regular Meetings & Events:

      Each Monday (except federal holidays) 12:00 Noon -1:00 pm Peace vigil at corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd & Doty St. in front of U.S Post Office. All Welcome! Bring your peace signs/banners! Info? mbspeace1@...

      Each Mon. 5:30 pm Motherfools Coffeehouse (1101 Williamson St.) Crotchet and Knitting Group. Info? #259-1301.

      Each Mon. 7:30 pm UW-Madison Memorial Union (check Today in the Union for exact location). Amnesty International meeting. Info? emburnett@...

      First and third Mon. of every month: 6:30 pm 122 State St., 4th Fl. Conf. Rm. Madison Women for Peace/Code Pink meeting. Info? #274-5922 or www.madwomen.org

      First Monday of the month. 6:30 pm. Friendly Supper Club - monthly interracial dinner, all ages welcome. World Buffet Restaurant (2451 W Broadway) Info? #249-5979

      Second and Fourth Monday of the month. 6:00 pm Madison Infoshop (1019 Williamson St.) Madison Infoshop Collective meeting. New volunteers. Info? www.madisoninfoshop.org #262-9036

      Second Monday of the month. 7:00 pm 122 State St. – 4th Fl. Conf. Rm. Alliance for Animals monthly meeting. Info? #257-6333 or www.allanimals.org

      Fourth Monday of the month 7:00 pm Downtown Public Library (210 W. Mifflin) Four Lakes Green Party general membership meeting. For more information or to volunteer with a campaign or project call #20-GREEN or check out http://www.fourlakesgreenparty.org/

      Fourth Monday of the month. 7:00 – 9:00 pm Wilmar Center (953 Jenifer St.) Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) Madison Chapter meeting. Opportunity for consumers to meet local farmers who are interested in providing natural, pasture-raised, raw and whole foods. Info? #222-6843 www.madison.com/communities/madiosn_wapf

      Each Tuesday 5:00 – 6:00 pm UW-Madison Memorial Union, 4th Fl. Campus Womens’ Center. Body Image Group. Info? #262-8093 www.campuswomenscenter.org

      Each Tuesday. 6:00 pm UW-Madison Memorial Union (check Today in the Union for exact location) UW Green Progressive Alliance meeting. Info? epaulson1@...

      Each Tuesday. 7:00 pm Escape Coffeehouse (916 Williamson St.) Meeting of Impeach Bush, Bring Our Troops Home. Info? #873-4886.

      Second Tuesday of the month. 7:15 pm Meriter Main Gate (333 W. Main St.) Monthly meeting of the Dane County Chapter of the United Nations Association -USA. Info? LeeBrown807@...

      Third Tuesday of the month. 6:00 – 8:00 pm Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson St.) Monthly Potluck of Madison Hours - your local currency community! Bring a dish to pass and meet other Hours' members. Info? www.madisonhours.org

      Each Wed. 7:00 pm UW-Madison Memorial Union (check Today in the Union) for exact location. Madison Fair Trade Action Alliance (MadFTAA) meeting. Info? madisonftaa@... or call #347-4647

      Third Wed. of the month. 6:00 pm Downtown Madison Library (201 W. Mifflin) Veterans for Peace #25 Monthly Meeting. Info? #767-4099 or www.madison.com/communities/madveteransforpeace

      Second and fourth Tues. of the month: 6:30 pm Wilmar Center (953 Jenifer St.)
      Madison Area Peace Coalition (MAPC) meeting. Info? www.madpeace.org or #442-0030

      Third Wed. of the month. 7:00 pm UW-Madison Red Gym Monthly General Meeting of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - Madison. Info? rowhome@... or chart@...

      Third Wed. of the month. 6:00 pm Madison Downtown Library (201 W. Mifflin) Monthly meeting of Vets for Peace. Info? #767-4099

      Each Wed. 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Escape Java Joint and Gallery (916 Williamson St.) Madison Stitch ‘n Bitch! Bring your yarn and your opinion. All skill levels welcome. Info? #852-5822.

      Each Wed. 6:00 pm Escape Java Joint and Gallery (916 Williamson St.) Bring Our Troops Home meeting. Help get the April 4th Referendum passed. Info? #250-9240

      Each Wed. 7:00 pm, WORT-FM, 89.9. “Queery” - a locally produced LGBT program with news and cultural programming, followed by This Way Out, an international LGBT news magazine at 7:30. Info? #256-2001

      Each Wed. 7:30 pm UW-Madison, Rm. 175 Science Hall. Sierra Student Coalition meeting. Info? jakubowski@...

      Each Thurs. 7:00 pm UW-Madison Memorial Union (check Today in the Union for exact location. Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) meeting.

      First Thurs of the month. 5:00 pm 122 State St. – 4th Fl. conference room. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Info? madison@... or #715-533-2887

      First and Third Thurs. of every month. Motherfools Coffeehouse (1101 Williamson St.) East Timor Action Network (ETAN) meeting. Info? www.aideasttimor.org or #244-4563

      Third Thurs. of every month. 1:00 pm Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson St.) Coalition for Wisconsin Health (CWH) meeting. Info? #835-5849 or kwenban@...

      Third Thurs. of every month. 7:00 pm Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson St.) South Central Local of the Socialist Party meeting. Info? #241-2829

      Each Fri. 12:00 Noon – 2:00 pm UW-Madison Memorial Union (check Today in the Union for exact location.) International Conversation & Coffee Hour. Info? #770-3182.

      Last Fri. of Every Month – 5:30 pm State Capitol and E. Washington Ave. Critical Mass Bike Ride. Reclaim the streets from autocracy! Info? www.madisoncriticalmass.org

      Each Sat. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm South Madison Farmers Market (1602 S. Park St.) FreeWheel Community Workshop – mobile bike repair and skills share! Everyone welcome – drop by to teach, learn, build, fix. Info? #256-3733 www.freewheelbikes.org

      Each Saturday. 2:00 pm Lisa Link Peace Park (corner of Gilman & State) Food Not Bombs. Free healthy vegan food for the whole family! Those who want to help cook or otherwise get involved can call #646-567-0761

      First Saturday each month. Vegan Meetup! A gathering of vegans, or folks who just enjoy vegan food, for lunch and conversation. Register at http://vegan.meetup.com/7/members/1811973/

      Each Sunday - 11:00 am WORT-FM, 89.9 FM. “Her Turn” -a women's new and public affairs program, featuring news and critical analysis from a feminist perspective. Followed by Her Infinite Variety, a program of women's news and culture, featuring music, interviews and calendars. The show regularly features progressive and left
      music and announcements. Info? #256-2001

      Each Sunday – 1:00 pm Two Degrees Coffeeshop (307 W. Johnson). Q Grads Coffee Hour – opportunity to get to know other gay, lesbian, trans, queer students. Info? www.qgrads.org

      Each Sunday - 5:00 pm WORT, 89.9 fm. “Third World View” - news & analysis from a critical left, anti-interventionist and anti-imperialist perspective. Info? #256-2001
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