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Fw: Why I Am A Rotarian - Sandie Zander

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      Subject: Why I Am A Rotarian - Sandie Zander

      This free, weekly feature contains inspiring statements from Rotarians on why they are Rotarians. We hope this will encourage others to examine why they belong to Rotary and to see the tremendous value of each membership in creating understanding and world peace…

      …A service of Rotary Global History Fellowship


      "We live in the present,

      We dream of the future,

      But we learn from the past."


      Why I Am A Rotarian

      April 1 2007


      In November of 2001, I took my daughter with me on a Rotary trip to deliver wheelchairs in Mexico. She was a senior in college at the time. On the way home, she told me that she couldn't wait to graduate, get a full time job, and join Rotary.


      Last year, she was president of the Rotaract Club of the South Bay and this year she is the Rotaract District Governor. My second daughter accompanied me in 2004 on a Rotacare Mission to Guatemala. She came home! from that trip wanting to become a doctor and is now in the process of interviewing at Medical Schools.


      Rotary has not only changed my life for the better, but has changed the course of my whole family. We are a Rotary family!


      I've learned in Rotary that what I give to others comes back to me tenfold. I am strengthened by each donation I make. I am heartened by each hour I volunteer. I love the fact that Rotary makes me want to be a better person.


      Sandie R. Zander,

       Rotary Club of Cupertino,

      California  USA District 5170                 


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