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Fw: What Paul Harris Said for Sunday December 3rd

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    Rotary Global History Fellowship Authorized by Rotary International www.RotaryHistoryFellowship.org What Paul Harris Said December 3rd 2006 “In the pursuit
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      Rotary Global History Fellowship

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      What Paul Harris Said

      December 3rd 2006


      In the pursuit of happiness, men most frequently turn to wealth; in it they hope to find enduring happiness. Some look for it in the possession of gold, King Midas' sad experience notwithstanding. They hoard it beyond all possible needs.

      Others expect to find it in the things which money can bring them: influence, power, business, and social prestige, the envy of those who are less opulent, and endless, interminable things.

      …If we heed the guide posts and danger signals which seers have hung out for the benefit of travelers on life's highway, we shall not look for happiness in the possession of money, nor in the possession of things which money will buy."

      Paul P Harris message on the 30th anniversary of Rotary, 1935


      This quotation reminds me of PRIP Cliff Dochterman’s theme for his Presidential Year – Real Happiness is Helping Others.


      Both of our Past Presidents are simply stating the most obvious fact in any Rotarian's life.


      Soon many Rotarians will be celebrating Christmas and looking forward to the New Year. Whatever plans you might make for 2007, consider Paul Harris’ words carefully.


      Please Note that from January  2007, our mailing features "Why I Am A Rotarian" and "What Paul Harris Said" will alternate on a weekly basis and be sent out each Saturday. 


      Calum Thomson

      RGHF Chairman

      RC Longniddry & District,

      D-1020, Scotland.

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