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Fw: What Paul Harris Said for Sunday October 1st

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    What Paul Harris Said October 1 2006 But, we ask, must the best genius of men be devoted to the science of war and none to the science of averting it? Paul
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      What Paul Harris Said

      October 1 2006

      "But, we ask, must the best genius of men be devoted to the science of war and none to the science of averting it?"

      Paul P. Harris – Guest Editorial in The Rotarian (Feb. 1940) “We Must Plan for Peace.” http://www.whatpaulharriswrote.org/rotarian/1940peace.htm


      As with all of Paul Harris’ quote, reading the entire article, in this case http://www.whatpaulharriswrote.org/rotarian/1940peace.htm is essential to understanding his thoughts and the context of the quote. Our continued gratitude to RGHF senior historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler for acquiring a vast collection of Rotary history and making this and other articles of Harris available at www.whatpaulharriswrote.org


      This article, a guest editorial in the February 1940 issue of The Rotarian is a warning of pending, and ongoing war and inquires why we don’t plan for peace.


      John M. Selway
      Founder, Secretary, Managing Webmaster RGHF
      Member: Rotary eClub of The Southwest, USA

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