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Rotary - What Paul Harris (and other Rotary Leaders) Said - June 5, 2005

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    Rotary Global History Fellowship Subject: Rotary - What Paul Harris (and other Rotary Leaders) Said - June 5, 2005 Rotary Global History Fellowship Authorized
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      Rotary Global History Fellowship
      Subject: Rotary - What Paul Harris (and other Rotary Leaders) Said - June 5, 2005

      Rotary Global History Fellowship

      Authorized by Rotary International





      What Paul Harris (and other Rotary Leaders) Said

      - June 5, 2005






      "The importance of placing and maintaining Rotary standards and ideals aloft cannot be overestimated.


      The star of hope in the Rotary ethical firmament must be high. It is hardly possible for it to be too high. May it be high enough so that there will always be something to strive for." 


      Paul P. Harris

      The Rotarian,

      September 1912. 

      In September 1912 Paul had just finished his two years as president of the National Association of Rotary Clubs.


      Now as the President Emeritus of the International Association of Rotary Clubs he was beginning 35 years of stewardship of those high ideas.


      How often in the heat of discussion (argument) in our clubs have you felt the temperature turned down when a Rotarian states, “… does that meet the Four-Way Test?”


      Dr. Edward “Eddie” Blender,

      Editor, WPHS

      PDG D5470

      Vail - Eagle Valley Rotary




      Fellow Rotarians,


      Thank you Eddie, for this week’s quote by Rotary Founder Paul Harris. It shows that the vision of high standards Paul Harris had in 1912 is still alive in Rotary today and it will continue to influence Rotary.


      In order to have a good perspective about Rotary’s future, we need to understand Rotary’s History. We Rotarians are influenced by Rotary History. The Four Way Test was created by Herbert J. Taylor in Chicago during 1932 and still influences Rotarians around the world. You can read about the Four Way Test on our website at www.rotaryhistoryfellowship.org/presidents/1954taylor/taylor/index.htm.


      The first Rotary Platform from 1911 was similar to the Rotary Platform of today. It is essentially unchanged. The major differences are concessions made to the role of women in Society and Rotary. You can read the Rotary Platform from 1911 on our website at www.rotaryhistoryfellowship.org/leaders/sheldon/platform.htm.

      and read the current Rotary Platform at www.rotaryhistoryfellowship.org/leaders/sheldon/platform-today.htm. It helps us to better understand Rotary if we understand Rotary’s History.


      During the Rotary Convention in Chicago , I will speak about “The importance of Rotary History when we shape the future of Rotary.” It is an important speech that I hope will make Rotarians aware of Rotary History as a tool for the future rather than a tool for the past. I will make this speech during the Rotary’s Global History Fellowship and Rotary Heritage & History International Fellowship Joint Breakfast on Saturday June 18th, 2005 at Union League Club of Chicago on 65 West Jackson Blvd in Chicago. The meeting starts at 8:00 am and ends at 9:45 am. All Rotarians and guests are welcome!


      The cost is only $24 per person and it includes breakfast. You can download the registration form from our website at www.rotaryhistoryfellowship.org/Rotary_Joint_Breakfast_Ticket.pdf. We can seat up to 400 people at the Union League Club in Chicago , so I hope to see as many of you as possible. It is a unique opportunity for all of us to get together in one place.


      It is also a great opportunity to meet our Board of Directors. We are not often gathered together in one place. Our Directors live all over the world including America , Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa .


      Even though Rotary Global History Fellowship was authorized by Rotary International less than two years ago, we now have approximately 40,000 Rotarians from around the world visiting our website at www.RotaryHistoryFellowship.org every month. I believe it is the most visible Fellowship in Rotary today. It shows that Rotarians care about Rotary History.


      At our Breakfast Meeting, you will also have the pleasure of meeting Jack Mayo, Chairman of Rotary Heritage & History International Fellowship and its Board of Directors.


      Rotary Global History Fellowship is organized in the International Rotary Sprit with members from all over the world. You can become a member by clicking on the link www.joinrghf.org. You can find us at booth number 434 in the Fellowship Section during the Rotary Convention inChicago .


      More and more Rotary Clubs read our weekly feature “What Paul Harris Said” at their Rotary meetings. You can read previous issues of “What Paul Harris Said” on our website at www.WhatPaulHarrisSaid.org. Your friends can also sign up to receive “What Paul Harris Said.” To subscribe, send an email with the single word, in the subject line: subscribe to chairman@...



      Let’s Celebrate Rotary

      and its History


      Mats Ingemanson


      Rotary Global History Fellowship

      (Authorized by Rotary International)








      Eddie Blender has prepared a Rotary Anniversary Issue from Rotary Global History Fellowship. It has six pages of great information with pictures about how Rotary started the Early Years of Rotary and the spirit of Rotary. You can download a free copy from our website at http://rotaryhistoryfellowship.org/Rotary_GHF_Anniversary_Issue.pdf.


      When Rotary International President Glenn Estess announced his Presidential theme “Celebrate Rotary,” he said the following:


      Our first hundred years will stand as an inspiring record of men and women of all races, religions, nationalities and political creeds who have made significant contributions to creating a more peaceful world.


      Rotary International Past President 2000-2001 Frank J. Devlyn said:


      Rotary Global History Fellowship is an instrumental tool for those forward-thinking people who wish to learn from our history, in order to guide our future.



      DISCLAIMER: The contents of this project, our features and newsletter have been researched, collected, compiled, and written by Rotarians to preserve the history and underlying philosophies of the Rotary movement. This fellowship is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International, but is affiliated with individual Rotary districts, clubs, other Rotary organizations and enjoys the support of Rotarians, clubs, districts, and zones world-wide.  The views and opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily the collective views and opinions of Rotary International or all Rotarians. Rotary International is not responsible for any content and accepts no liability therefore. 


      To unsubscribe, copy this address and email it with the single word, in the subject line: unsubscribe to chairman@...







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