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      Rotary PR Tips March II Edition by Elizabeth Walsh
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      Rotary PR Tips March II Edition by Elizabeth Walsh
       31 March 2005 

      Dear Subscribers,

      Welcome to Rotary PR Tips – a bi-weekly newsletter offering innovative ideas for clubs and districts to promote Rotary in their communities. For any questions concerning PR Tips, e-mail prtips@....

      50th Anniversary of Salk’s Vaccine

      On April 12, 1955, after years of research and human trials of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk’s work paid off as his vaccine effectively protected subjects from the polio virus.

      The date marks a very important day in history and will be in the news around the world in April. Make sure your local papers know Rotary’s connection with polio and Rotary’s efforts toward a polio-free world.

      E-mail prtips@rotaryintl,org to receive a letter-to-the-editor that can be localized and sent to your local papers. (The letter will be posted on the web shortly.) You can also use the link below to an article on Jonas Salk in USA Today. Send the article to your local papers along with your letter-to-the-editor to let them know the issue is newsworthy.


      Global Image Campaign “Humanity in Motion”

      Clubs and districts across the world are joining the global effort to increase awareness about Rotary’s ideals and humanitarian programs.

      Rotarians can use a media kit that features a CD-ROM specially produced for the campaign to obtain gratis or low-cost placements with:

      *Local media
      *Cable stations
      *Radio stations
      *Movie Theaters (previews, film festivals, open screen time)
      *Closed circuit television stations, such at hotels or hospitals

      The CD-ROM contains television and radio public service announcements as well as print, Web, and outdoor ad designs with a polio eradication theme.

      Order a free copy of the CD-ROM by sending a fax to the Rotary International warehouse at 847-866-4000 and requesting item #608 or by clicking below. If you need any other assistance e-mail PR Tips at prtips@....


      Rotary PSAs at Film Festivals

      Rotary could use your help getting the new PSAs aired during your local film festivals. Use the link below to search if there is a film festival in your area. The website provides information for the specific film festival and usually gives the phone number or e-mail for the contact person for sponsorship.

      The festival may need “filler” and be more than happy to air the PSA at no cost. If you would like a professional broadcast copy or any assistance from RI staff, e-mail prtips@... and we will be happy to help you.


      Rotary in the News

      “The Young American who put service above self” is a wonderful article about Paul Harris and the history of Rotary in this week’s South Wales Evening Post.

      The article shares the story of Rotary and the great works done by Rotary members in Wales and around the globe.
      Paul Harris’s date of birth was 19 April 1868. Commemorate his birthday by sharing an article about Paul Harris’s life and his life’s work in your community. Use the article below for an example.


      April is Donate Life Month

      This month organizations specializing in organ donation and transplants are sponsoring special events and donor recognition ceremonies to promote donation awareness.

      Rotary members across the globe have given effort and time to support organ donation. April is an opportune time to get the word out about what your club or district may be doing to support organ donation.

      Click below to find out how your club or district can get involved.


      NEW…What’s Rotary?

      Have you ordered enough What’s Rotary (419) to hand out at community events or when meeting potential members? They have been revised and are the perfect size to fit in your wallet or cardholder.

      Click below to see the newly revised version and order some for your club.



      Rotary International


      Web site: http://www.rotary.org
      E-mail: prtips@...




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