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Fw: The WCS Update

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  • rveplc
    Dear Friends, I believe this gives interesting information for club leaders .You can use the linkages given to register club projects under the WCS Projects
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2004
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      The WCS Update
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      Subject: The WCS Update


      The WCS Update October 2004

      Dear Update Members,

      Thank you for your thoughtful responses regarding last month’s WCS Update. In response to your recent correspondence, we have provided information to assist you in organizing and implementing your future service projects.

      Vocational Service Month

      Every October, Rotarians are encouraged to focus their attention on vocational service. Discussions among clubs and districts on vocational service can lead to projects that not only develop the ethical consciousness and vocational skills of Rotarians, but also the talents within their communities. Vocational service month is an opportunity to begin yearlong vocational service activities. Perhaps your club might consider registering a skills-training project on the Projects Exchange. You might teach people in a rural area how to grow food to sell in markets, teach inhabitants of an orphanage how to use computers, or start a micro-credit project to help families set up their own small businesses. Providing people with skills to provide for themselves is a valuable gift your club might easily be able to give! For information about vocational service, please contact your district’s Vocational Service Chairperson.

      Vocational Service Chair Information

      Projects Exchange

      We’d like your club to benefit from being actively involved in the WCS program! Is there a school in your community in need of a computer lab? Would you like to help replant crops destroyed by a recent hurricane or flood? Are you hoping to find a partner for a project to apply for a Matching Grant through The Rotary Foundation? We encourage every Rotary club to register a local community project on the Projects Exchange. By registering your project, you will increase your chances of receiving contributions, donated goods, and volunteers to support your project. Projects will be listed on our searchable database on the RI Web site for two years. Every club may register one project requesting funds, and an additional project requesting donated goods-only. A third project may be registered on behalf of a local Interact club, Rotaract club, or Rotary Community Corps.

      WCS Projects Exchange Database


      Is your club interested in being involved in a donations-in-kind project? If your club would like to receive donated goods, we strongly encourage your to register your project on the Projects Exchange. If your club would like to donate goods to a project, you can locate a project in need by searching only the projects on the Projects Exchange that require donated goods. Another great resource is Global Hand. You can search an extensive listing of items that have been requested by potential beneficiaries. If you have checked these two resources and are unable to locate a project that has requested these items, you can post a list of items you have available for donation on Global Hand’s Web site.

      Global Hand

      To Fax or Not to Fax

      In this age of modern technology, many of us have grown accustomed to e-mail and are used to receiving an immediate response to our inquiries. However, many project contacts coordinating very worthy service projects do not have access to e-mail. Please do not pass up a great project for lack of e-mail! Most contacts without access to e-mail have provided a fax number and will reply to your fax as rapidly as one might reply to an e-mail message.

      World Interact Week

      Commemorate the charter of the first Interact club with Interactors and Rotarians around the world. Interact clubs, in partnership with their sponsoring Rotary clubs, are encouraged to participate in joint projects during World Interact Week 2004: 1-7 November 2004. In celebration of this event, we encourage your club to sponsor a local Interact club and register a WCS project on the Projects Exchange.

      World Interact Week

      Community Projects Database

      Need ideas for your future service projects? Want to share your successful project stories with the Rotary world? We encourage you to register your completed project information or search for project ideas on the Community Projects Database. The Community Projects Database includes information on successful projects implemented by Rotary clubs and districts, Interact and Rotaract clubs, and Rotary Community Corps in a wide variety of service areas.

      Community Projects Database

      WCS Newsletter

      Hear all about it! The August edition of the WCS Newsletter is now available for download on the RI Web site.

      WCS Newsletter

      Contact Us

      Are there any topics that you would like to see in the next edition of The WCS Update? Please send your ideas for future editions of The WCS Update to: wcs@.... If you would like to submit your Project Data Forms and photographs, please use the contact information below:

      Megan Kondal
      WCS Program Coordinator
      International Service and RI Awards
      RotaryI nternational
      One Rotary Center
      Evanston, IL 60201, USA
      E-mail: kondalm@...


      Rotary International

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