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Get ready for Membership Month

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  • Madhukar Malhotra
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      Membership Minute Template
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      Rotary International
      Membership MinuteAugust 2013
      Get ready for Membership Month
      Last year’s Membership and Extension Month was a big success. Rotarians from more than 400 districts in over 100 countries committed to membership goals. And members from every continent tweeted their favorite #RotaryMoment. So this year, we’re going to challenge you to do even more.
      Join the Membership Thunderclap and plug Rotary’s goal of connecting leaders and creating change in communities around the world. Thunderclap is an online tool that lets you share a single message with a mass audience through Facebook and Twitter. It’s a simple way to reach a wide group of people. Learn how you can be part of our Thunderclap.

      We’re also inviting you once again to participate in our Membership Challenge. Simply complete a brief
      online form and set your membership goal, and we’ll send you tips and best practices to help you accomplish your objectives. Possible goals:

      • refer a new member
      • invite a family member to attend a club meeting or activity
      • ask a friend or colleague to take part in a service project
      • reconnect with alumni
      • engage young leaders through Interact, Rotaract, or RYLA

      Are you interested in a club makeover?

      The Young Professionals Campaign is looking for clubs to participate. The campaign was created in 2012 to help Rotary clubs and districts learn strategies for attracting and engaging young professionals and sharing Rotary’s message.

      From working with Rotary districts during the first phase of the campaign, we learned that combining service and social activities is a great way to appeal to young professionals. We also learned that clubs can generate interest in their activities by promoting them through social media and word of mouth.
      Now we want to see how the campaign can help at the club level. Clubs that join the campaign will choose one of three areas in which to work on appealing to young professionals:

            1. A special event (service project or networking event)
            2. Club meetings (club culture assessment)
            3. Online presence (club website or Facebook page)

      If selected for the program, your club will receive a number of benefits that support the option you’ve chosen:

      • a grant
      • access to webinars with experts on member engagement, public relations, social media outreach, and cross-generational communication
      • templates for print and online advertising
      • an online assessment tool to monitor your club’s progress

      Invitations including links for clubs to apply will be emailed to all US Rotary leaders in early fall.

      Regional membership plans update
      The regional membership plans initiative has kicked off its second year. Regions around the world are developing and submitting their plans for the 2013-14 Rotary year now. Last year, regions created a variety of strategies to attract new members, including creating an online “club health check” resource, developing partnerships with other organizations, and inviting alumni to join an e-club.
      Once all of the regional membership plans are approved, they’ll be made available to all Rotarians. In the meantime, a new graphic explains regional membership plans and how you can get involved.
      Membership Resources
      Telling Your Story Resource Kit
      Membership Development Resource Guide (417)
      New Member Orientation: A How-to Guide for Clubs (414)
      How to Propose a New Member (254)
      Rotary Basics Online
      Club Brochure Templates
      Leadership Development: Your Guide to Starting a Program (250)
      Be a Vibrant Club: Your Club Leadership Plan (245)
      Club Membership Committee Manual (226b)
      More Membership Resources
      Share your passion for Rotary!
      Quick Links
      Club Locator
      Club Assessment Tools
      Find your club and district representative
      Download RI podcasts
      Read past editions
      Rotary International

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