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TRF Drants - District & Global

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  • Madhukar Malhotra
    Dear Incoming Leaders, Greetings. My grateful thanks to all the AG s & Club leaders who have sent in or handed over District & Global Grant proposals ,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2013
    Dear Incoming Leaders,

    Greetings. My grateful thanks to all the AG's & Club leaders who have sent in or handed over District & Global Grant proposals , including those at the DTTS cum Grants Workshop at Nahan. Considering the TRF grants model has been significantly revised, the date for receipt of applications with a brief profile of the project has been revised to 19th May 2013. Shortly PDG Chetan Aggarwal/Rtn Amarjit Singh will start advising you on status of your proposals submitted earlier. Feel free to resend your proposal to them preferably thru email if you dont get a response by 10th May 2013.

    Attached are the last three years TRF contribution details, club eligibility for both Global & District Grant will depend on their contribution to TRF. If any club has not contributed earlier , they can contribute now and would be considered for a grant.

    District Grant proposals may be forwarded to DGE Rakesh Agarwal, PDG Chetan Aggarwal DGSC 2013-14, Rtn N S Aulakh DGSC 2012-13 & Stewardship Chair Rtn Amarjit Singh for consideration.

    Those seeking a Global Grant may please submit a brief outline of the project with financing details. They will get DDF allocation based on their giving to TRF in the last three years subject to a contribution of 25% towards project cost & finding a suitable partner for the Global Grant.

    Along with other project proposals, the Eco Cremation Hearth projects will be financed as a District Grant subject to a maximum contribution from District of Rs50,000 per club & min 50% cost to be borne by the club on a reimbursement basis. Further details will follow shortly. Clubs can consider other projects for district grants like water filters, school supplies, benches, scholarships etc. Please send your proposals in the format forwarded by PDG Chetan Aggarwal.

    We propose an Eye disease awareness & surgeries project (basically for IOL surgeries) and Sanitation & Water facility for schools/community use. The DGSC will forward the details after we are able to find suitable partners but basically a standard module will be devised and the participating club will need to get a letter from the school or municipality/panchayat for setting up the facility and also maintain it. The letter format will be as prescribed by TRF.

    For both Eco Cremation Hearths and the Sanitation projects DGSC 2012-13 will forward the standard design parameters and cost breakup on return from the South Asia Summit at Hyderabad.

    Support the TRF and multiply the benefits to your community thru grant projects.

    AG's are requested to hold briefing meetings with the club PE & Grants Chair , I will be happy to join if they so desire but 4 zones must get together for the effort to be worthwhile, otherwise feel free to come to Chandigarh for discussion on your proposals by prior appointment to mutual convenience.


    Yours in Rotary Service

    Madhukar Malhotra
    District Governor 2010-11
    DRFC 2013-16
    rid 3080

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