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Request PLEASE forward For Att All D3080 Rotaract Clubs

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  • Madhukar Malhotra
    Dear Rotaract Club Presidents: As a Rotaract club president, you already know that Rotaract offers you a world of possibilities. Through Rotaract, you belong
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2011
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      Dear Rotaract Club Presidents:

      As a Rotaract club president, you already know that Rotaract offers you a world of possibilities. Through Rotaract, you belong to a global network of service with more than 8,000 clubs in 167 countries. Staying connected with that network is easy when you update your club information with Rotary International.

      By updating your club’s information regularly, you help your club and its members participate in this worldwide community. Rotaract clubs anywhere in the world can reach out to you through the Worldwide Rotaract Directory. As president of an active club, you are the first to know about program updates, Rotaract Preconvention news, and other opportunities.

      That’s why Rotary International is now inviting Rotaract club presidents to enter this information in a new way. At their January 2011 meeting, the RI Board of Directors decided to begin collecting Rotaract club member data through Member Access. Member Access is an online system that Rotarians use to update their information with RI. Rotaract club presidents now have access to Member Access to update both club information and individual membership data on behalf of their clubs. By logging in every six months to make these updates, you inform RI that your club is still active and ensure that your contact information is listed correctly in the Worldwide Rotaract Directory.

      If a Rotaract club president does not update club data twice per year, the club will be suspended. If the club data is not updated in a two year period, the Rotaract club will be terminated. Terminated Rotaract clubs can be reinstated by completing the necessary paperwork and submitting US$50 certification fee.

      To help you make club and member updates more easily, we have attached two resources. The first is an instructional document that guides you through the step-by-step process to update club and membership information through Member Access. The second is a Rotaractor Data Form you can use in your club to ensure you have all the information you need prior to logging into the system.

      Please note, you will need to register for Member Access before you are able to use Member Access. If your email login does not work, please register yourself as president by completing the following form, http://www.rotary.org/en/StudentsAndYouth/YouthPrograms/Rotaract/Pages/Updatecontactinfo.aspx. Once submitted, you will need to wait at least 72 hours before attempting to log in again.

      As Rotaract club president, it is both a privilege and a responsibility to provide this information on behalf of your club. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the Rotaract program and your service to the club as president for the 2011-12 Rotary year.

      If you have any questions regarding this new process, please do not hesitate to contact rotaract@....


      Madhukar Malhotra
      Chair - New Generations Avenue of Service 2011-12
      Member, Rotary Club of Chandigarh
      Past District Governor 2010-11
      Rotary International District 3080
      +919316110939, res:01722700939
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