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Fw: Centennial Projects - Use of name and emblem

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    ROTARY INTERNATIONAL 27 February 2004 Dear Governors: As you know, one year from now we will be celebrating Rotary s 100th anniversary. Clubs everywhere have
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      27 February 2004


      Dear Governors:


      As you know, one year from now we will be celebrating Rotary’s 100th anniversary.  Clubs everywhere have been challenged to make this coming year special by launching highly visible service projects for everyone in their community to see.  Clubs across the land have responded most enthusiastically by creating or sponsoring commemorative parks, camps, youth centers, libraries, shelters for the needy, and a myriad of other worthwhile and much-needed facilities for the direct benefit of all in the community.  These projects will not only provide valuable services for the community, but will create outstanding public relations for Rotary as well.


      In sponsoring these facilities, many clubs have given them names that include the word Rotary.   “Rotary” is a trademark owned by Rotary International for the use and benefit of the clubs and districts under certain guidelines adopted by the RI Board.  Unfortunately, some of the facility names are not in compliance with RI Board policy concerning the use of the word Rotary.  Clubs have used the word Rotary without further qualifiers, which are necessary to tie the project to the local club or district that sponsored it.  When used alone, the word Rotary means Rotary International.  Thus projects with names such as “Rotary Park” imply that the park is sponsored by or under the direct control of Rotary International, when such is not the case.  Moreover, the local Rotary club that did sponsor the park is not given due credit for it.  Following the Board’s guidelines for the use of the “Rotary” mark helps to protect the organization’s right to own and protect this mark for future generations of Rotarians.


      As you will recall, this subject was covered in detail at the 2003 International Assembly in Anaheim, and all governors were provided with specific instruction and materials for counseling clubs on the proper use of the Rotary name and emblem (Rotary Marks).  The basic policy on this subject can be found in the 2001 RI Manual of Procedure, chapter 19, pages 171-178.  An excerpt from that policy is also placed at the bottom of this e-mail.  Since some of these projects involve the erection of buildings or other permanent structures, I also have enclosed the Board’s guidelines for these types of projects.  As Rotary’s official representative in the district, it is your responsibility as the district governor to uphold the rules of the organization, and to correct and assist clubs as needed when they have violated these rules. 


      Compliance with this Board policy by all clubs is especially important as we approach Rotary’s centennial.  You are asked to review the policy with the clubs in your district, and to assist them in the correction of any club projects that may have been misnamed.  Should you have any questions about the policy, or need assistance with suggestions for alternative names that would be in compliance, we are always available for your assistance.


      Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this important matter. 



      Rajeev Ranjan
      Club & District Administration
      RI South Asia Office
      E-mail: ranjanr@...
      Website: www.risouthasia.org
      Tel: 91-11-23748102
      Fax: 91-11-23340895 and 23340896
      This communication and any files or attachments transmitted with it may contain information that is confidential, privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. It is intended solely for the limited use of the individual or the entity to which it is addressed. You are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.



      cc:        RI Director Sushil Gupta







      The following guidelines on the use of the “Rotary” name and Emblem are RI and TRF policy.  Please follow them when naming your project or program and in any literature you may develop.  (See generally RI Code of Policies ("RCP") Article 33; 2001 Manual of Procedure, Chapter 19.)


      A.  ROTARY NAME:


      ·    The RI Board has determined that any use of the “Rotary” name without a further qualifier, such as the name of a Rotary club, a Rotary district or other Rotary Entity, refers to the international association, RI. (RCP 33.020.4)

      ·    New project names or programs not under the exclusive control of RI or TRF, when using the name, "Rotary," must include the name of the participating Rotary club(s), district(s) or other Rotary Entity and should not use the name, "International." (RCP 33.020.4)

      ·     If using the words, "Rotary," and "Foundation," these words must not appear together, but must be separated by additional identifying information, such as the name of the participating Rotary club(s), district(s) or other Rotary Entity. (RCP 33.020.3)

      ·         Ongoing projects and programs not under the exclusive control of RI and not conforming to these guidelines should be renamed to provide this additional identifying information (i.e. the name of the participating Rotary club(s), district(s) or other Rotary Entity must be included when using the name “Rotary”). (RCP 33.020.4)

      ·         No alterations, obstructions or modifications of “Rotary” are permitted.  No abbreviations, prefixes or suffixes of “Rotary,” such as “Rota,” are permitted.  (RCP 33.020.4)

      ·         Rotary clubs, districts, other Rotary Entities and individual Rotarians should purchase domain names that comply with the naming guidelines outlined in the RCP and the Manual of Procedure. Rotary Entities are encouraged, before registering domain names, to check with their CDA representative to ensure their proposed domain name complies with Board policy for use of the Rotary Marks.  Domain names not in compliance with Board policy should be changed to comply and RI reserves the right to ask for the transfer of ownership to RI of any non-complying domain name.  (RCP 52.020.1, 33.020.4)

      ·         The naming of any project or program that does not conform to the guidelines must receive specific RI Board approval. (RCP 33.020.4)




      ·         The Rotary Emblem, like the Rotary name, represents the international association, RI. (RCP 33.010.3)

      ·         Whenever the Rotary Emblem is used for a project, program or activity not under the exclusive control of RI or TRF, the name of the participating club(s), district(s) or other Rotary Entity should also be used in addition to the Emblem, should appear directly adjacent to the Emblem, and be of a size of equal prominence to the Emblem. (RCP 33.010.3)

      ·         Any reproduction of the Rotary Emblem must meet RI's proper Emblem specifications.  (See            

            2001 Manual of Procedure at Chapter 19; RCP 33.010.1.)  Camera ready art can be obtained

      through your CDA representative.)  No alterations, modifications or obstructions of the Rotary Emblem are permitted.  The Emblem must be faithfully reproduced and always appear in its entirety. (RCP 33.010.6)

      ·        The RI Bylaws discourage any joint use of the RI Emblem with the emblem or logo of another organization for any commercial purpose.  (RI Bylaws, Article XVIII, 18.020; RCP 33.010.2.)




      Rotary Code of Policies, section 33.020.2.  Use of Rotary Marks in Connection with Buildings and Other Permanent Structures


      The use of the Rotary Marks without the further identifying language of the Rotary club, Rotary district or other Rotary Entity involved in connection with any project implies financial or moral RI obligation in connection with such project.  Therefore, to avoid any future RI involvement, either directly or by implication, any Rotary club, Rotary district or other Rotary Entity which contemplates the construction or acquisition of a building or other permanent structure:


      a)   should ensure that neither the name of such venture nor any legal documents in connection therewith reference either the name, “Rotary," without the further identifying language of the Rotary club, Rotary district or other Rotary Entity involved or the name, "Rotary International." 


      b)   should not affix any of the Rotary Marks thereto in any permanent manner, such as etching the Rotary name or emblem into the facade of a building or inlaying the Rotary name or emblem into a floor.   The Board will not require the removal of any Rotary Marks which have been permanently affixed to a building prior to 2001 where the removal of such would cause permanent and irreparable damage to the building, and/or incur unreasonable costs to a Rotary club, Rotary district or other Rotary Entity. (Nov. 2001 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 68)


      Source:    Jul. 1944 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 26; Amended by Nov. 2001 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 68


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