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TRF Reporting as on 31st March 2015

Club leaders are requested to follow up and ensure all district and matching/Global grant reports are submitted to TRF/RISAO to the email of the grant
Madhukar Malhotra
May 5

Fwd: appeal

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Dear Rotary Leaders, We are all very concerned about the earthquake in Nepal and I know that everyone is looking
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 30

Fwd: Regarding RYLA Program

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Dear Sir, Madam As you are aware that Rotary Roopnagar is oragnising RYLA on 1st to 3rd may 2015, at Rayat & Bahra
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 30
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The Rotary Foundation - April 2015 World Reporting Analysis for Dist

Congratulations and thank  you club leaders for ensuring 100 % reporting compliance status with TRF.  Regards  Madhukar Malhotra  DRFC 3080 District 3080
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 28

Regarding RYLA 2014-15

RYLA - do register nominees from your Rotary family of children, Interact and Rotaract members and community youth. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. ...
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 22
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Fwd: Susanne Rea tagged you in a post on Facebook

Hello, Rotary members volunteers to promote WGM in D3080 may please contact DGE David Hilton. Regards Madhukar Malhotra Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 9

Fwd: ROTI's International Newsletter – April 2015

. Dear All, Here is the April 2015 issue of ROTI BB: http://www.roti.org/img/Breadbasket/April2015.pdf The highlights of the current issue include: What I Ask
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 1

Medical Mission Volunteers

Dear Friends,  Need doctor  volunteers for a medical mission to Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh from 11th April to 21st April. Need Eye, Orthopaedic and Anesthetic
Madhukar Malhotra
Apr 1

Fwd: Register by 31 March and save

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. ... From: Rotary Meetings Date:03/30/2015 8:52 PM (GMT+05:30) To: dg1011rotary3080@...
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 30


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. ... From: Rita Kalra Dear Leaders in Rotary District 3080 The biggest challenge in India is
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 30

Fwd: Regarding sponsoring schools under e learning project.

Advise your club interest to participate in the project to  Rtn Rita Kalra or PP  Deepak Sood of RC Chandigarh  ... From: Rita Kalra
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 30

What I Ask of Myself, I Ask of You - RIPE 'Ravi' Ravindran @ Interna

What I Ask of Myself, I Ask of You K.R. Ravindran RI President-elect When I spoke to you on Sunday night, I spoke to you about our ambition and our ideals. I
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 14

Youth Exchange News | A creative way to promote your program

If you cannot see this email, view it here. Youth Exchange March 2015 | Connecting students and communities around the world A creative, engaging way to share
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 13

2015-17 UNESCO-IHE scholarship applications available

For information of Rotary Leaders to identify and motivate qualified persons to apply for the scholarship.  Regards  Madhukar Malhotra  Dear District
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 10


This is interesting and some clubs can consider applying for flexible and innovative pilot changes if their circumstances and members desire a change.
Madhukar Malhotra
Mar 5
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