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2630RI Board decisions affecting the club invoice that will occur beginning January 2015

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  • dg1011rotary3080
    Jun 16, 2014
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      Subject: RI Board decisions affecting the club invoice that will occur
      beginning January 2015

      Dear Club Leaders,

      Recently, the Rotary world was notified of RI Board decisions affecting the
      club invoice that will occur beginning January 2015. The result of these
      decisions is a simple and clear invoice sent to clubs each semiannual
      period that is driven by timely membership updates. Detailed information
      about these changes are --


      Rotary members have been asking for a simpler dues process that will
      eliminate uncertainty about reporting and outstanding balances. We've heard
      you and are rolling out improvements in 2015.


      Beginning 1 January 2015, clubs will receive a one-page invoice that
      clearly states the amount owed for subscriptions, membership dues, and
      outstanding balances. Club officers will no longer need to recalculate
      bills, make adjustments, or fill out the eight-part semiannual report


      To improve the new member experience, club secretaries are asked to
      register new and terminated members within 30 days, and to report incoming
      club officers by 1 February of each year. With more accurate membership
      records, Rotary can provide better service to clubs. For example, the
      sooner a club secretary reports a new member, the sooner this member will
      receive a welcome kit from Rotary   Informing  privileges of


      To begin planning for these improvements, Rotary is asking club and
      district officers to share the new invoicing and reporting policies with
      club members, and to prepare their clubs for monthly reporting. Also,
      encourage your club members to immediately report changes to their
      membership status to club officers, so this information can be updated in
      your club's membership records.

      The existing SAR process will remain in place until 1 January 2015, and all
      the related materials will continue to be available through the website.


      Wondering how the new process will affect you and your club, or want more
      informatinsult our frequently asked questions.


      You can send any questions or comments to clubinvoice@....

      In order to collect feedback from clubs about these changes, a survey will
      be sent out shortly to a random sampling of current club presidents,
      secretaries, executive secretaries, treasurers, foundation chairs and
      membership chairs with alid email address. To see the questions being
      asked in this survey, please see view the *attachment.*

      Please participate in the short survey as soon as possible after you
      rec The survey will be available until 16 June 2014.