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  • Madhukar Malhotra
    May 31, 2014
      Dear Yash, 
      Is the Hilton on George near market street? 

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      Subject: RE: [madhukarmalhotradg1011Rotary3080] Sydney

      Dear All,
      Usha and I will be there.
      Raja Saboo 
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      Dear Madhukar ji
      My wife Kamaldeep & I will be there
      We are registered for this meeting
      Warm Regards,
      Sukhjit Singh Gill
      Rotary Club of Chandigarh
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      Subject: Re: [madhukarmalhotradg1011Rotary3080] Sydney
      The meeting of D3080 participants at Sydney Hilton Hotel will be at 6 on 2nd June 
      Madhukar Malhotra
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      Cc: Rajendra K Saboo ,RID2011-13 Yash Pal Das ,Hassan Mejie ,Sukhjit Gill ,Navjit S Aulakh ,"Rtn. Harjit Singh Saggu RC Chandigarh Central" ,Devinder Kalra
      Subject: [madhukarmalhotradg1011Rotary3080] Sydney
      Dear All Sydney Convention Participants from D3080
      Please join at 6pm at Hilton Hotel venue of the South Asia Reception which is 4 to 6pm even if you are not attending the same please join at 6pm for a D3080 participants informal meet with PRIP Raja Saboo,  PRIDE Y P Dass and all others for a brief meeting to say hello.
      Madhukar Malhotra
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