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2615eNews Letter - Rotary Coordinator's (zone 4 6A) e-bulletin - April 2014

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  • Madhukar Malhotra
    Apr 22, 2014

      Volume 3  Issue 10  April 2014
      Dr. Manoj DesaiLight Up Rotary by Magazines & Bulletins!
      R.I.D.N. Dr. Manoj Desai

      Dear Friends,

      Gone are the days of silent service. Now we are focusing on Public Image of Rotary. Naturally, if that is focused, then Role of Magazines becomes vital as that is our main weapon to let the world know what Rotary does. These days, time is so precious - and I have heard "Busy Syndrome" from many. Magazine would be keeping them informed about the happenings of the Club and encourage them not to miss the meetings. This is a minor but important advantage of having regular bulletins.

      I have seen that most of the clubs circulate magazines / bulletins only to the Members. It is good, but the world must know how good we are in doing Service above Self. Over a period of time I have seen an excellent bulletin called The Golden Orange, which is a monthly magazine of Rotary Club of Nagpur. It is one of the big and vibrant clubs of RI District 3030.

      We are in the 21st century and media's role is very important in branding. If the job is done well, it will certainly help in:

      * Membership
      * Service Projects
      * Giving to Our Rotary Foundation
      * Public Image

      I was wondering - would this be a real weapon to enhance our Strategic Plan? as it helps the three pronged attack for the same.

      Sharmishtha joins me in wishing you all the best as we prepare for the New Year to “Light Up Rotary” by excellent Magazines / Bulletins of each club. Let us make Rotary - talk of the town.

      Dr. Manoj Desai
      R.I. Director Nominee(2015-2017)
      Y.P. DasDigital or Print Version of the Rotarian Magazine
      P.R.I.D. Y.P. Das

      Fellow Rotarians,

      For any organization - large or small - it is essential to have a medium through which they can disseminate information to its staff or members as the case may be. Some publish in house journals, newsletters and regular weekly or monthly magazines. Rotary established its magazine called the “National Rotarian” as far back as in 1911. Later in September of 1912 the magazine was titled “The Rotarian”.

      Subscription to the Rotarian is mandatory for every Rotarian. However there are many regions which choose to publish their own regional magazines because of language and the need to disseminate information pertaining to their respective regions. Such publications have a licensed agreement with Rotary International and Rotarians of that region are given the choice of subscribing either to the Rotarian or their Regional Magazine. The regional magazines so approved by Rotary International carry about 20% content from “The Rotarian”.

      There are 34 regional magazines throughout the Rotary world and published in 24 different languages covering about 130 countries and having a circulation of about 872,000.

      Rotary in India first decided to have its own regional publication “Rotary News/Rotary Samachar” in 1952 and after some gap was re-established in 1983. Today it has a circulation of over 100,000 for Rotary News and about 14,000 for the Rotary Samachar which is the Hindi version.

      A proposal to the 2010 Council on Legislation for permitting North American Rotarians to subscribe to a digital version of the Rotarian in preference to a print version was approved. In 2013 out of the 382,000 Rotarians in North America including Canada, only 1,914 have subscribed for the digital version of the Rotarian. In other words only 0.5% of the Rotarians of the most advanced and computer savvy nation have thought it worthwhile to subscribe to the digital version.

      This only goes to show that a print version of the Rotarian magazine is still the most preferred and accepted form of the Rotarian Magazine.

      PRID Yash Das,
      Rotary International
      Magazine is an important publication by Rotary, informing happenings around Rotary world, also a great source of information and knowledge and an excellent P.R. tool. Official purpose of the magazine is to serve as a medium to assist the R.I. board in furthering the purpose of Rotary International and the object of Rotary.

      It will be interesting to know a little bit about historical aspects of Magazine. The idea of a Rotary publication was conceived in the first Rotary Convention in 1910. However the first issue titled ‘The National Rotarian’ was printed in January 1911 by Rtn. Harry Ruggles, the fifth Rotarian of Chicago club in his press as a 12 page tabloid. The first issue contained a Treatise by founder Paul Harris titled ‘The Rational Rotarianism’ and was edited by Rotary’s first General Secretary, the legendary Chesley Perry. The First issue was published with 2000 copies and on public demand another 2000 copies were printed and distributed. Second issue was released in July 1911.

      During second Rotary convention in 1911, it was decided to publish a monthly magazine with an annual subscription on 25 cents. As Rotary crossed America and became international, the name of magazine was shortened to ‘The Rotarian’.

      Today worldwide, as approved by Rotary International, there are 34 Regional Magazines printed in 24 languages.

      It is compulsory for a Rotarian to subscribe for any authorized Rotary magazine. However if two Rotarians reside at same address there is an option to subscribe jointly to one official magazine.

      To emphasize the importance of magazine, Rotary has designated the month of April as magazine month and during this month, Rotarians are expected to carry out such activities like reading important articles form Rotary magazine over years, promoting its reading to Rotarians as well as to other community leaders through voluntary subscription by Rotary clubs; to inform them about good work of Rotary being carried out around the world.

      PDG Shrirang Prabhu

      Ulhas KolhatkarRotary magazines: The 'face' of Rotary
      RC PDG Dr. Ulhas Kolhatkar
      If 'Fellowship and Service' can be labeled as core principles of Rotary, ' the Rotary Pin and the Rotary Magazines' can be called as best Public image tools of Rotary. They are in fact signatures of Rotary, in one sense.

      Today, less than half of the Rotary world receives the R.I. official magazine 'The Rotarian' while more than 50% of all RTNs of the world receive Regional magazines (about 30 in No, in 24 languages, with combined circulation of 8, 72,000 in more than 130 countries). The magazines are the greatest connectivity between Rotarians of the world and have become an important platform to share ideas, projects, programs, viewpoints and many more things.

      Interestingly, way back in 1910, at Rotary convention, one delegate proposed that the association publish a magazine. The idea was rejected for the fear that such a centralized voice might usurp the autonomy of local clubs. Later, halfway through his first term as National Association President, Paul Harris wrote a 6000 word tome titled “Rational Rotarianism" in which he analyzed the appeal of Rotary to different business & professional categories. Paul asked Ches Perry (1st Gen. Secretary of R.I.) to mimeograph the essay and mail it to all 2000 Rtns. in the 23 clubs nationwide. Thus the 1st issue of 'The National Rotarian' newsletter was mailed to every Rtn. in January 1911. The entire project was completed for a net cost of only $25.44 (it was possible because of paid advertisements!). Following Rotary's growth into international organization, the word, 'National' was dropped from the magazine's title in Sept. 1912 and thus was born ' The Rotarian'.

      Observance of the first Rotary months began in July 1983, when Special weeks were designated as special months and that is how, today, we observe April as 'Rotary's Magazine Month'.

      Friends, Public image is the buzz word in today's commercialized world. Let us use the most effective tool of Public image, which R.I. has given to us i.e. Rotary magazine and create a world filled with Peace & Understanding.

      Let us observe the Magazine Month: April!
      Let us Engage Rotary, Change Lives!
      Let us Light up Rotary!

      PDG Dr. Ulhas Kolhatkar
      Timely Quote

      Time is perfectly democratic ............

      Timely quote

      ............it is available in same quantity for everybody!

      From book on Time Management by
      PDG Dr.Ulhas.

      Have your Registered for RI Convention 2014?

      Site Address: 2014 Rotary International Convention
      RI Convention

      Exchange Rate for April 2014 is US 1$=INR 62
      Ashok Panjwani 
      ARC PDG Ashok Panjwani Reports. . .
      RI Dist. 3060

      New E-Club (1st in District 3060) i.e. Rotary E-Club of Ankleshwar Green:

      DG Dineshsinh Thakor presenting Charter to President Dr. Snehal Lokhandwala.
      Rotary Club of Senoras at Jamnagar

      New Rotary Club of Senoras has come into being at Jamnagar on 20th March 2014, under the leadership of President Dr.Kalpana Khanderia,
      District Membership Barometer
      Membership as on 1st April 2014
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