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730Re: [macross_ph] Robotech scans

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  • Chris
    Dec 22, 2006
      here yah go,bro, merry X'mas ;-)


      Robotech galore!

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 08:11:31
      For the many Robotech fans who begged me for more

      (okay - I'll admit I'm making this up - but who cares?!), here's another great batch of Robotech comics (from Eternity and Academy Comics).

      Return to Macross (1993-1994) Complete Series #01-37

      Part1 100mb

      Part2 100mb

      Part3 100mb

      Part4 100mb

      Part5 100mb

      Part6 53.7mb

      (Download all parts to unpack)

      Robotech Warriors (1994) #00-03 66.3mb

      Robotech - Metal Swarm & Robotech Warriors - The Terror Maker Collection(1995) 58.6mb

      Robotech - Macross Tempest (1995) & Civil War Stories (1996) 28.7mb

      Robotech - Academy Blues #01-05 (1995) 84.5mb

      Robotech - Breaking Point & Romance (1996) + Academy Blues #0 (1995) 60.7mb


      Robotech - The Movie (Academy Comics)

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:54:08
      Academy Comics acquired the Robotech licence from Malibu (Eternity was an imprint of Malibu) in 1994 and held it for 2 years, continuing many of the titles formerly published by Eternity, until it was revoked and handed to Antartic Press in 1996. This was Academy's final Robotech release - a 2-parter based on the 1986 Robotech movie although it bares little resemblance.Robotech The Movie 24mb
      CBR format - requires a comic book reader program such as CDisplay.



      Robotech Genesis - The Legend of Zor

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:53:39
      This standalone 6-issue limited series from 1992 was the only Robotech title from Eternity to be published in full colour. The splendid artwork is by the the acclaimed duo of Jason & John Waltrip.The Legend of Zor #1-6 60.2mb
      CBR format - requires a comic book reader program such as CDisplay.



      Robotech II : The Sentinels - Book Three

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:50:20
      "Book Three" of Robotech II : The Sentinels. From #9 onwards the comic was published by Academy

      #01-14 97.4mb

      #15-22 56.6mb


      Robotech II : The Sentinels - Book Two

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:49:46
      "Book Two" of Eternity's long-running Robotech II : The Sentinels.

      #01-07 95.06mb

      #08-16 93.1mb

      #17-21 35.9mb

      Files are CBR format - requires comic book reader such as CDisplay.


      Robotech II : The Sentinels - Book One

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:49:03
      From 1986 to 1994, Eternity's acclaimed, long-running Robotech II : The Sentinels with artwork from fan favourites Jason and John Waltrip. This is "Book One".

      #01-04 80.4mb

      #05-08 71.4mb

      #09-12 66.6mb

      #13-16 80.1mb


      Robotech - The Graphic Novel

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:48:27
      Released in 1986, this story serves as a prequel to the events in the regular Robotech series. The plot of the Graphic Novel clears up many points in the pre-history of the Robotech Mythology. It tells of the decisions which led to the appearance of the SDF-1. It tells the story of the final days of Zor. It also functions as an untold story which deals with the early career of Roy Fokker and his archenemy, Colonel T.R. Edwards.

      Robotech - The Graphic Novel 26.7mb

      File is CBR format - requires comic book reader program such as CDisplay.


      Robotech - The Macross Saga

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:47:52
      After DC's unsuccessful attempt, a bit later in 1985 came Comico's colourful series which lasted five years. These comics are a lot closer to what fans of the anime wanted.

      #01-25 98mb

      #26-36 plus 3D special 58.7mb

      Files are CBR format - requires a comic book reader such as CDisplay.


      Robotech Defenders

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:47:25
      The first comic book based on Robotech was DC Comics' Robotech Defenders from 1985 and was tied in with the Revell line of Robotech Defenders model kits at the time. It was supposed to be a 3-issue limited series which would lead to an on-going series if well received but was cut short to just two issues with what would have been the issue #3 story merged into issue #2.

      Robotech Defenders 47.4mb

      Files are CBR format - requires a comic book reader such as CDisplay.


      Robotech Perfect Soundtrack Album

      Monday, 20. November 2006, 07:46:03
      Robotech is very well-known - especially in anime-fan and classic cartoon fan circles - but for those that don't know, Robotech was an American show which originally aired in 1985 and was edited together from three different Japanese mecha anime series: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada. For many American kids in the 80's Robotech was their first major taste of Japanese animation (or anime as it is now known). Much merchandise has been released since the series was originally shown, from toys to model kits, strategic role-playing games (rpgs) to video games, etc. The reason for it's popularity is possibly the fact that the series remained faithful to it's source material unlike many other American adaptions of anime shows which were cut and changed beyond recognition - and, besides, giant robots - especially ones which transform into vehicles and carry heavy artillery - are just plain and simply cool! This 2xCD set commemorates Robotech's 10th Anniversary and features 66 tracks which cover almost every bit of Robotech music from the original series, Robotech II: The Sentinels, and Robotech: The Movie and is a must-own for fans.V/A
      Robotech Perfect Soundtrack Album
      Streamline Pictures

      CD1 - Complete Background Music Collection 95.8mb

      01 Main Title
      02 Macross City
      03 The Misterious Ship
      04 Zentraedi Theme
      05 Confrontation
      06 Musica's Theme
      07 The Way to Love
      08 Boobytrap
      09 Biomechanical Theme
      10 Ineptitude
      11 Love Theme
      12 Miss Macross
      13 Stepping Out
      14 Victory
      15 SDF-1 Theme
      16 Battle Stations
      17 The 15th Squadron
      18 Desolation
      19 The Robotech Masters
      20 Broken Heart
      21 Private Time
      22 Earth Government Theme
      23 Eyecatch
      24 Minmei's Theme
      25 Sweet Sixteen
      26 Lifetime
      27 Rick Hunter's Theme
      28 The Robotech Follies
      29 Earth Government Debriefing
      30 Khyron's Theme
      31 Roy Fokker's Theme
      32 Alien Attack
      33 Reconstruction Blues
      34 It's You
      35 A New Dawn
      36 Invid Theme
      37 Cyclone
      38 Catastrophe
      39 We Will Win
      40 Love Triangle
      41 Mission Accomplished
      42 End Title

      CD2 - Complete Vocal Song Collection 97.7mb

      01 My Time to be a Star
      02 The Man in my Life
      03 To Be in Love
      04 It's You
      05 We Will Win
      06 In my Heart
      07 Underground
      08 Saved By Science
      09 Only a Fool
      10 Call On Me
      11 The Future is Now
      12 Together
      13 Look Up The Sky Is Falling
      14 It Don't Get Any Better
      15 Lonely Soldier Boy
      16 The Way to Love
      17 We Will Win (Yellow Lancer Version)
      18 The REF March
      19 The Young Warriors
      20 The SDF-3
      21 Invid Strike
      22 The Regent
      23 Love Theme
      24 The Sentinels

      Ripped & encoded by X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut @ 192 kbps.


      Thursday, 23. November 2006, 23:18:43
      More Robotech comics - and could well be the next-to-last batch I put on here. This should please the 10 or so people who have been getting them! So to the few Robotech fans out there: Enjoy! Here we have a few more books from Academy Comics, the Antartic Press series with pseudo-manga guy Ben Dunn in charge - well known for his Ninja High School series - and a couple of late series from Wildstorm which has some excellent artwork.

      Robotech (Antarctic Press, 1998) #1-4 72.9mb

      Robotech (Antarctic Press, 1998) #5-8 73.6mb

      Robotech (Antarctic Press, 1998) #9-11 49.6mb

      Robotech Megastorm Graphic Novel 48.9mb (Antarctic Press, 1998)

      Boobytrap 19.8mb (Academy, 1996)

      Robotech Final Fire 17.1mb (Antarctic Press, 1998)

      Robotech Covert Ops #1-2 31mb (Antarctic Press, 1998)

      Robotech From The Stars #0 24.9mb (Wildstorm, 2003)

      Robotech From The Stars #1-3 82.2mb (Wildstorm, 2003)

      Robotech From The Stars #4-6 80.1mb (Wildstorm, 2003)

      Robotech Sourcebook 34.3mb (Wildstorm, 2003)

      Robotech Macross Missions 65.5mb (Academy, 1996)

      Robotech Vermilion #1-4 61.8mb (Antarctic Press, 1998)

      Robotech - Wings of Gibralter #1-2 31.9mb (Antarctic Press, 1998)

      James II Ravelo <jravelo2@...> wrote:
      i'm interested :D

      --- chris_ved wrote:

      > Sino interested sa ROBOTech scans?
      > Got a bunch of linx, PM me if you want them.
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