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5982Another Lachlan Macquarrie

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  • jolly philippe
    Sep 5, 2013
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      Good afternoon everybody!
      Might there be anybody knowing anything about a Lieutenant Lachlan Macquarrie who was serving wth the 33rd Regiment of Foot in 1810.
      His name appears in the March and July Army Lists issues I have ; he has been promoted a Lieutenant September 1st, 1805.
      For the record, the 33rd Foot took part in the capture of Isle Bourbon in July 1810 and of Mauritius in December. It is written, in the report of this campain, "with the Flank Coys". Were they some special unit (heavy infantry, grenadiers, or else...)? Somewhere on Google, I read that these companies had three buglers instead of two for the regular companies (without any explanation);
      Thank you for reading me.
      Philippe JOLLY
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