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  • Bill McQuary
    Aug 20, 2013
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      You can go to the MacQuarrie DNA Project Web site at: www.familytreedna.com/public/MacQuarrie

      That page has a number of tabs in a blue band across the top. One of them is labeled Y-DNA Results. Clicking on that tab will open a table that displays the test results of each of our male members. The results are reported as numeric values for each Y-DNA marker included in the member�s test. The markers are listed at the top of the table as alpha/numeric identifiers.

      If the DNA results you have are Y-DNA test results provided by FamilyTree DNA you can use the Join Request tab on the our project�s public page to become a member and your test results will be automatically added to the table. That will allow you to compare your test results with those of our other members.

      If you used another DNA testing service you can still compare your test results with our members� results, but without the convenience of having your results in the same table as everyone else. Moreover, some testing services don�t use the exact same set of markers as FamilyTree DNA does so your test results may not have values for the entire set of markers included in the table and/or have some values for markers not included in it.

      Finally, if the results you have are for an mtDNA (female) test, you will not find any comparison very useful from a McQ standpoint. That�s because mtDNA is passed from mother to daughter, generation to generation and does not conform to the surname sequence. For example, I doubt your paternal grandmother�s maiden name was MacQuarrie and yet it is your maternal lineage that a mtDNA test traces.

      I recommend everyone who frequents this forum explore the MacQuarrie DNA Project Web site. Each of the tabs on our public page invokes a pull-down menu of topics you may find both interesting and informative.



      Bill McQuary

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