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Fw: HB 498 - SOS charging research fees

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  • Rick <gravewalker_1@yahoo.com>
    Subject: [ILGREENE] Fw: HB 498 - SOS charging research fees Resent-sender: ILGREENE-L-request@rootsweb.com ... From: Frank & Carolynn Bettis To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2003
      Subject: [ILGREENE] Fw: HB 498 - SOS charging research fees
      Resent-sender: ILGREENE-L-request@...
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      From: Frank & Carolynn Bettis
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      Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 5:02 PM
      Subject: Fw: HB 498 - SOS charging research fees

      Is there any way that you can get this out to as many County
      Coordinators as possible and get the folks out there to oppose
      Hannig's below outlined bill? Would appreciate any help you can
      afford. I've phoned both Hannig & Demuzio's offices and expressed my
      opposition. Please let me know if you concur with my feelings and if
      there is anyway this can go to all County Coordinators? Send it out
      over my name. This is a shame that Rep. Gary Hannig is doing this
      when Macoupin County has such an active Historical and Genealogical
      Societies, not to mention all of the other societies, researchers,
      etc. across Illinois. Thanks so much.

      Rep Gary Hannig has filed the following bill. The Secretary of
      State's Legislative Liaision, David Jones, is aware of the bill, but
      they were not involved in its creation.

      The bill will probably be heard in committee on Feb. 20th.

      HB 498

      Amends the Secretary of State Act . Provides that a fee of $7 per
      research request for copies of non-certified death certificates,
      civil war muster records and census records shall be paid to the
      Secretary of State and deposited into the Archives Research Fund.
      Amends the State Finance Act. Creates the Archives Research Fund and
      provides that monies deposited ito the fund may, subject to
      appropriation, be used by the Secretary of State for expenses of
      conducting archival research of Archive records. Effective July 1,

      Urge all in opposition to HB 498 to conctact Representative Gary
      Hannig by phone or mail at:

      225 S. Macoupin St, Gillespie, IL 62033, Tel. # 217-839-2859 or

      300 Capitol Bldg., Springfield, IL 62706, Tel. No. 217-782-8071

      also contact:

      Senator Vince Demuzio, 140 Carlinville Plaza, Carlinville, IL 62626,
      Tel. No. 217-854-4441

      Have not been able to acquire an email address for Rep. Hannig and
      Sen. Demuzio does not have one.

      Strongly urge all those in opposition to this HB 498 also contact
      their local Representative(s) and Senator(s) making their feelings

      Perhaps if this HB 498 moves thru the legislative system, we can form
      a group and personally appear and offer testimony in opposition.

      This bill can be tracked at the Illinois Legislative Reference
      Bureau's web site:


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