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websites for small towns

In my effort to locate small town websites, I am not finding many. I have set up this website to provide a directory for them.
W Hinton
Feb 3, 2009

Wilsonville and Lawsuit over Landfill

A vital part of Macoupin County history is the Lawsuit against the Landfill in the 1970s. This made the national news. Looking for any photos and documents
W Hinton
Feb 2, 2009


I am new to this group. I am the webmaster for the local History and Genealogy websites for Gillespie, Benld and Wilsonville of Macoupin County, Illinois.
W Hinton
Feb 1, 2009

William McDonald, Sarah (Hughes) McDonald, Dora Newhirter/Mewhirter

I recently recieved information that Sarah (Hughes) McDonald, wife of William McDonald, (born in Scotland), died in McVey Il. in 1910, she was eighty two.
Jan 15, 2009

Re: [Macoupin County Research] Re: Gilbert Sawyer 1818

Thanks Martain I have those census records, What i need is his fathers name, the Sarah listed there, I found on someones family tree listed as his mother but
Kim Sawyer
Sep 4, 2007

Re: Gilbert Sawyer 1818

I see him and his family in the 1840-1860 censuses for Macoupin County. 1860 Census: Gilbert b. 1818 NC, shown as a farmer who cannot read/write Marian age 38
Sep 4, 2007

Re: Gilbert Sawyer 1818

... I don't know how much help this would be; there was a notice given in the October 1989 "Macoupin Searcher" p.20 it read: "NOTICE: The Sawyer Family
Linda Arnold
Sep 4, 2007

Gilbert Sawyer 1818

I am looking for Gilbert Sawyer info, I think he must be the hardest Sawyer of all to find. Any help would be appreciated
Sep 4, 2007

Re: [Macoupin County Research] Any Information on the Villiage of W

Aloha! Please pardon the delay in reply. I will check my files and see what I may have. White City and Mt. Olive are within a few short miles from one
S Viehweg
May 28, 2007

Any Information on the Villiage of White City, Illinois

We are getting ready for a 100 year celebration and was looking for anyone who has old photo's or history on the Village of White City. The celebration is on
Apr 23, 2007

Message to Dawn West regarding LAIRs

Hi Dawn, I have lost your e-mail address. I hate AOL but keep it because it's so hard to change course now. Sorry to the others on this group for sending this
Linda Arnold
Jul 2, 2006

Re: [Macoupin County Research] Polly Tosh

Louise: No problem - that is why we are here! :) Dawn
Dawn D. West
Jan 31, 2006

Polly Tosh

Thank you Dawn for the help that you gave me. It was very helpful because of the use of the name Polly. When they do that it makes looking for the right
Louise Tosh
Jan 30, 2006

Re: [Macoupin County Research] Polly Tosh

I believe William Tosh who served "WILLIAM TOSH 1 REG'T (WYNNE'S) W. TENNESSEE MILITIA. PRIVATE PRIVATE" is William Tosh (Sr.) who went to Macoupin County.
Linda Arnold
Jan 30, 2006

Re: [Macoupin County Research] Polly Tosh

I don't know if this helps or not, but this is what I found Tosh men listed in the records of the War of 1812: JAMES TOSH 4 REGIMENT VIRGINIA MILITIA.
Dawn D. West
Jan 30, 2006
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