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Re: Reqs for LPT2 PCI board -- FIXED

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  • spc_aux
    ... out ... their ... shelf. ... I m using a dual port card from SIIG (www.siig.com) that I got at my local Fry s (www.outpost.com). It works well, and despite
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      --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "kepello" <carl@l...> wrote:
      > Well, I found a board that works. It was easier to just swap it
      > and return the one that didn't than to try to communicate with the
      > tech support people who didn't seem to understand the
      > word "address". Think it lost something in the translation to
      > language....
      > For anyone else that might care....
      > DON'T try to use a COMPUSA branded card in a purple and yellow box
      > labeled "PCI Interface High-Speed Parallel Adapter", with "FS-SG"
      > above the barcode on the back. It does not provide information
      > anywhere that I could find about the I/O address it is using...
      > DO use a COMPUSA branded card in a red and white box inside one of
      > those molded plastic containers that allow it to hang on the
      > It is SKU 279726, costs $24.99, the front of the package says "High
      > Speed PCI Parallel Adapter" and "Great for Zip Drives, Printer &
      > Scanners". It comes with a driver disk that seemed to be required
      > for installation, but it displays a Resource tab and lists its
      > address. Works great for me.
      > Hope this helps someone else avoid the problems I had..
      > Carl

      I'm using a dual port card from SIIG (www.siig.com) that I got at my
      local Fry's (www.outpost.com).

      It works well, and despite the stuff on the box about Windows
      support, it does support Linux as well, you just have to read the faq
      on the SIIG site for setup info.

      Pete C.
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