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Re: New wizards and PC id

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  • Henri Monnier
    I have been reading all the dialog on the various protection schemes under evaluation . My question is very basic, what exactly are you trying to do/prevent?
    Message 1 of 61 , Mar 8, 2013
      I have been reading all the dialog on the various protection schemes
      under 'evaluation'. My question is very basic, what exactly are you
      trying to do/prevent? Do you feel that the piracy stats on Mach3 warrant
      some of the actions under consideration? I know many people that are
      using Mach3 as a licensed version, no bogus copies. Implementing
      'protection' can be costly, to both the provider and the buyer. From the
      buyers perspective, some methods can best be described as disastrous.
      You must also consider that many applications with very tough
      preventions, dongles and all, far more costly than Mach4, have all been

      What seems to be needed by most is the ability to have the ability to
      use Mach4 (or whatever) unrestricted on both a 'house' machine, and a
      'shop' machine. That seems to be the most prevalent configuration around
      that I am aware of.

    • Brian Barker
      No, I think it s a good deal. How many other companies would allow you to say anything. I know and you guys all know that what has made the software what it
      Message 61 of 61 , Mar 12, 2013
        No, I think it's a good deal. How many other companies would allow you
        to say anything. I know and you guys all know that what has made the
        software what it is, is the input from it's user base and we will keep
        doing that. The trouble with 4 is that it has been ground up so there is
        not anything I can give you to play with because we are not done.. when
        it is finished you should be happy with how fast things can be added. It
        is a platform that we should be able to work from for many many years.


        On 3/11/2013 8:56 PM, ozzie34231 wrote:
        > YES, John Roberts !!!!
        > (My 4 following paragraphs deleted.)
        > Strange world where the customer tries to tell the vendor how to do business.
        > --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "bulshatar"<datacrane@...> wrote:
        >> John,
        >> I seldom post on these forums but I feel compelled to respond to this one.
        >> 1: Mach4 is Brians product and he is free to market/lecense it any way he wants to. If you don't agree to his terms, don't buy it.
        >> 2: I can't believe you are implying that Brian lied when he said support is the principle issue. He is in a much better position to determine that than any of us.
        >> 3: Call Microsoft or any other software company and tell them you don't like their licensing method and ask them to change it. See what response (if any) you get.
        >> I have no stake in Mach other than being a happy licensed user.
        >> Regards,
        >> John Roberts
        >> --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "John Dammyer"<johnd@> wrote:
        >>> Brian,
        >>> Is step 0 then?
        >>> 0.) Install and run MACH4 on a PC and be shown a demo version Dialog.
        >>> "MACH4 is running in DEMO Mode. The Computer ID is 'x'. Please log onto
        >>> www.MACH4.com with your User ID and password and enter this Computer ID to
        >>> have a license file for that computer sent to your registered email
        >>> address."
        >>> This is indeed the way most of the current group of licensed software
        >>> operates. Logging onto the licensing web sites even provides a list of
        >>> computer names that are currently licensed which is very useful for the end
        >>> user. And it's possible to send an email to those companies to request
        >>> removal of a particular PC so that a different once can be added to the
        >>> list.
        >>> Bin ther, dun thet, no T shirt.
        >>> I don't have a problem with this type of licensing!
        >>> I just object being told that it's so a supplier can provide support rather
        >>> than to prevent piracy as the primary reason. It devalues the huge user
        >>> based support network that made the product what it is.
        >>> If someone puts together a programming team to develop a product, invests
        >>> the money, they need that sort of licensing in order to sell the
        >>> product/company and recover the money the venture capital people have
        >>> invested when the company is sold.
        >>> Just don't call us stupid by trying to explain it away as something else.
        >>> With an investment of 2.5 years, 5 programmers at $80,000 per year is
        >>> $1,000,000 assuming all 5 were there from the start and that they all cost
        >>> that much. Estimating that the market will be at least 10,000 copies a
        >>> price tag of $200 per licenced unit is $2,000,000. The other start-up costs
        >>> include purchasing the rights to MACH3 and the on going support of MACH3
        >>> although theoretically some of that is covered in MACH3 sales.
        >>> For those who are tired of this discussion, have no fear, I'm not going
        >>> further with it after this posting. I think I've made my position clear.
        >>> John Dammeyer
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        >>> To: mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com
        >>> Subject: [mach1mach2cnc] How we would like the Mach4 license to work for
        >>> hobby
        >>> I feel like I have typed this 20 times :) . Here is one last time I hope:
        >>> 1.) You will buy a mach4 license from the webpage and you will get a UserID
        >>> and Password to the License section of the webpage.
        >>> 2.) Log in (from any machine ) and copy and paste the computer ID into the
        >>> webpage and get an e-mail sent back to you with the license file.
        >>> 3.) Take the license file to the PC that you would like to register 4.)Point
        >>> the machine to the license file.
        >>> Done
        >>> Now the hobby version will allow you to register as many PC ID's as you need
        >>> but after some level you will need to tell us what you are doing ..
        >>> for example after 5 computers for a home show we may think .. Hmm...
        >>> Email license and send send a reason for more. All you need to do is say . I
        >>> have a new PC I am testing or something like that.. Fine.. This is not to
        >>> stop you the user it is to stop people from giving away the same license
        >>> over and over..
        >>> It is never going to be perfect... But i think this is a good fit :)
        >>> Thanks
        >>> Brian
        >>> On 3/10/2013 2:59 PM, Mark Mickelsen wrote:
        >>>> You know, I must be really, really, really, thick, but I just don't
        >>>> understand what the licensing arrangement for Mach4 is going to be.
        >>>> Hobby licenses for hobby machines, licenses that follow the wizards
        >>>> (which I rarely if ever use), a fee arrangement that I don't
        >>>> understand (although, believe me, I'm glad to pay to license Mach4),
        >>>> etc. Can anyone make heads or tails of all this for me? I'll bet
        >>>> that I'm not the only one who doesn't understand.
        >>>> Thanks,
        >>>> Mark
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