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Re: Jerome's Pendant ........................ need a bit of guidance

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  • Caddy
    I got one of Jerome s Pendants and it works ... It has been working great since I got it 6wks ago Thanks for the responses. I will go out and play
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 2, 2013
      "I got one of Jerome's Pendants and it works
      > great"

      "It has been working great since I got it 6wks ago"

      Thanks for the responses. I will "go out and play" tomorrow (wish I could today) I'll update, hopefully with positive news.
      And yes, I have absolute faith ih Jeromes product. My issues reside in my machine and the way it was set up originally and it certainly IS NOT any problem with the pendant. I would also add, Jerome has been very forthcoming with assistance and support. As I mentioned, I purchased my machine from a man who "learned" on that machine. I will make an effort to speak with him as well.
      It works with the shuttle pro but I'm unclear how to make my keyboard "do the right thing" My biggest fear is I will start meddling and make it junk!!
      Again THANKS to all who responded and keep any additional ideas coming..........
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