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Re: Router to plasma cutter

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  • Terry Parker
    Hiya Ron, 12 x12 is a very small plasma table(;-). I dought you would need a THC for the most part. The rest is basic mach3 setup xyz. Wire the start circuit
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 3, 2012
      Hiya Ron, 12"x12" is a very small plasma table(;-). I dought
      you would need a THC for the most part. The rest is basic mach3 setup xyz. Wire the start circuit of the plasma to the M3 outputs for torch control. IF it has an arc good signal bring it back to mach3 for a safety ( mach will stop IF you loose the arc or will not start IF the arc does not strike.

      As to the Elec noise you won't know until you fire the torch to SEE how noisy it actually is. Some are more so than others some are very quiet.

      Do ground the table itself to a Ground rod outside the building. Nice big fat wire. Keep it as short as possible.

      Just a thought, (;-) TP

      --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, Ron Thompson <ron@...> wrote:
      > Hey everyone,
      > I have a small (12"x12") scratch built cnc router. I purposely designed
      > it with an open center (when the deck is removed) for future use as a
      > plasma cutter.
      > I have been using it for a few years, now, and it has worked well. Now
      > it's time for the plasma cutter.
      > The machine uses a HobbyCNC Pro 4 axis board in a wooden box. ( X has 2
      > motors slaved together, so it uses all 4 axis drivers).
      > It is over powered with KellingCNC 425 oz in steppers, derated for
      > unipolar to around 380, and has unshielded wire to the motors.
      > I am running a 28VDC brick power supply, and Mach3.
      > The plasma cutter is an older L-tec (Esab) 40 amp HF start machine. I
      > bought a straight head from ebay to replace the L-handle cutter head.
      > What kind of issues can I expect from interference and what, if any,
      > additional parts do I need to interface the two machines?
      > I see torch height controls around the web, but also seem to recall
      > machines without them.
      > I anticipate needing a metal driver enclosure (or maybe foil around the
      > wooden box?), shielded wire to the motors, and a ground wire to the
      > cutter head so it doesn't have to touch the material to start (right?).
      > I have minimal experience with plasma cutting.
      > I have a Reprap style 3d printer, Taig cnc mill, larger manual mill, and
      > various size lathes. Also the usual welder, grinders, 4x6 bandsaw, wood
      > cutting bandsaw, table saw, etc.
      > I am in the process of building a Joe's 4x8 cnc Router with a G540 Gecko
      > driver and rack and pinion drive.
      > Parts are on order and I need some small brackets that could be plasma
      > cut on the smaller router.
      > Thanks!
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