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99273Re: First Month With SmoothStepper

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  • warp9td
    Oct 1, 2008
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      --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "gcode fi (hanermo)"
      <yahoog@...> wrote:
      > And NO, you absolutely *cannot run reliable mach* on
      > a laptop by using the SS. Some will work. Some will
      > not. Most you wont know about. The processor speed
      > changes, uncontrolled dma, non-std diska access
      > interrupts, non-std (buggy) video drive cards and
      > accesses etc. etc. very very common on laptops are
      > not cured by the SS.

      I have a feeling you are not aware of how the SS works. When you
      offload the step generation task to an off-board processor, none of
      this matters as long as the off-board processor has enough buffered
      movement to run from, to cover the things you mentioned. If an
      external step generator is used, I disagree with those that say a
      laptop is not reliable for running a CNC machine. A laptop is nothing
      more than a PC that is compactly integrated. Granted, it might have
      power-saving features that need to be turned off (i.e. hibernation,
      hard disk spindown, etc.), but these same settings exist on desktops.
      Nothing you mentioned makes a difference to the SS unless it
      interrupts the CPU and the USB communications for a fairly long time.
      The SS can be configured with a buffer as long as 4 seconds. I would
      hope that that is enough time to catch up if it gets behind. With all
      that said, would I use a laptop to cut a very expensive piece of
      material? Probably not ;-) But I don't think I'd use any desktop for
      that matter unless I had run it for many hours to gain the confidence
      I would need to run that job.


      > the harsh
      > reality is that the customer perceptions and
      > expectations are just flat out wrong.

      I agree ;-)

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