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97818Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Lathe Home Switch position

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  • Peter Homann
    Sep 1 12:44 AM
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      Steve Blackmore wrote:
      > On Mon, 1 Sep 2008 14:33:31 +1000 (EST), you wrote:
      >>I looking at putting home/limit switches onto my lathe and am after
      >> advice
      >>on where to have the home position for the Z-axis? I'm thinking of having
      >>it at the opposite end from the chuck, but am wondering if it is better
      >>say 2/3rd travel from the chuck, so that the position of the tail-stock
      >> is
      >>not so critical when homing.
      > Got to ask yourself - do I want to go to a home switch?
      > Limit switches - fair enough, home switches aren't necessary. If your
      > zeroing to the end of the stock (which can vary in position) you only
      > need to move far enough to change tools. Moving any further is a waste
      > of time.
      > Make the Z adjustable - mount it to the tailstock and have it so it
      > triggers just before the saddle hits it.
      > Steve Blackmore
      > --

      The home position was for tool changing. I guess that if the toolchange
      position is say at Z=3" then that should be enough to clear the work,
      assuming that the home is at the end of the workpiece. If it tries to move
      off then end of the bed, then as you suggest, the limit switch should
      catch it.

      As for a Z limit at the headstock, it will need to be movable, to cater
      for different chucks, tools etc.

      Seems to me that on a lathe, its more about being careful and knowing what
      your doing than relying on limits.



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