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90055Re: Tool Turret or QCTP

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  • metlmunchr
    Apr 6, 2008
      Another option is to use a groove-turn tool, also called a multi-
      directional turning tool (MDTT). Iscar and Seco both make them and I
      imagine others do too. You can face, turn, groove, and part with
      them. Inserts are available with both flat face and corner radii,
      and with full radius for doing parts with concave radii.

      I use the Iscar version because it uses double ended inserts where
      some of the others have only single end inserts, and both are about
      the same price. The inserts look expensive at first, at around $12
      to $14 each, but I ran one job where I used one for the OD profile on
      about 18,000 aluminum castings, and the entire job only used one box
      of 10 inserts.

      That job ran on a twin turret lathe with 20 tool positions but I used
      the MDTT to take the place of 3 tools and 2 toolchanges per part. If
      the turning side of Mach has the ability to assign multiple offsets
      to the same tool, like T0101 and T0111 where 01 and 11 are different
      offset pairs for tool #1, then you can have one Z offset for the
      leading edge of the tool and another for the trailing edge such that
      you can program directly from part dimensions instead of having to
      allow for the width of the tool in programming the trailing edge
      where the tool is acting like a left hand tool. Obviously you have
      to program the offset change as necessary, but many controls have the
      ability to handle an offset change on the fly without returning to
      the toolchange position.
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