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89794Re: Tool Turret or QCTP

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  • John Stevenson
    Apr 1, 2008
      --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, Daniel Yosefi <yosefi83@...>
      > Ian,
      > Thanks, nice link.
      > To use a tool plate like in the pill case demo you need a long
      travel on your X axis. My EMCO lathe is a small table-top lathe with
      only 50mm of travel in the X, so I think I can't benefit much from
      this idea...
      > Daniel

      I posted this the other day but it went MIA

      Daniels problem is that as stated above hiis machine is an Emco
      Compact, note the compact.
      There are aftermarket turrets out there that have 5 tools slots and a
      space for a Dickson quick change holder on the 6th.

      However these are big and even if they did one for a smaller lathe it
      wouldn't go on a compact.

      Industry uses front and back post for maximum number of tools but
      again you need a large travel to use these.

      Larger toolplates for more tools means a greater centre hight so
      again size matters.

      The long - short is there is no real alternative other than what has
      alreday beed evolved for a smaller machine.

      It's either use 3 or 4 normal tools or stand there and swap QC
      tooling as needed.

      John S.
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