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    Jul 1 1:17 AM
      --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "gimble88" <ence-ack@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Is G43 modal? It seems that if I execute an M6 T2 command the length
      > offset is not applied unless I include a g43 for each M6 Tx
      > Is this normal? Or should I be able to initialize with a g43 and
      > have all offsets be applied when the toolchange is made?

      I know it seems inconvenient but a bit of background might justify it.

      M6 Tx is not actually a command but two.

      T6 says get ready to use Tool x. This could be done half an hour
      before it is needed and with a big tool changer this lookahead is

      M6 says change to the tool selected by a previous Tx

      G43 Hyy says apply the offsets of the entry number yy in the tool

      yy does not have to be the same as xx although it often is and can
      thus be omitted. However at the time of the T word or the time of the
      M6 the control does not know what G43 is going to be issued.

      The three stages seem cumbersome when doing it by hand but do have
      logic in them.

      John Prentice
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