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70055Re: [Bulk] RE: [mach1mach2cnc] BackLash.. Finally.!! :)

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  • Lester Caine
    Mar 1, 2007
      Mark Vaughan wrote:
      > I think about it from my manual mill which has loads of backlash.
      > Conventional mill and you take up the slack before you make contact.
      > Climb mill and I have to tighten the jibs and feed reel slow to stop the
      > cutter sucking the workpiece in with a grunch as it snaps up the backlash.
      > All this applies to backlash compensation, you won't be able to stop the
      > cutter pulling the workpiece in on climb milling, but it will effect where
      > the cut ends.
      > May just be an issue that compensation cannot be used when climb milling.

      In most cases where we want backlash comp on with the Taig it's because
      you are using engraving cutters, so there is no push or pull to worry
      about. You just need the circles to be circular :)

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