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70004Re: [Bulk] RE: [mach1mach2cnc] BackLash.. Finally.!! :)

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  • Rich Crook
    Mar 1 12:07 AM
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      Umm... I think you've got that backwards.
      0.0001 mm is *one tenth* of a micron! A micron is a thousandth of a
      mm, or .00003937" (just shy of 4 ten thousandths).
      I'm pretty sure he meant .0001"

      = Rich =

      >Holy shit, 0.0001mm is about 4 microns! Did you have to pawn your first and
      >second born for your glass scales? Are you sure you don't mean 0.0001"?

      >Hi Andy:
      >According to my glass scales, the backlash is exact to .0001mm on my
      >Thats about as exact as my system can handle...
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