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60607Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Crossover?

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  • Lester Caine
    Sep 1, 2006
      James Connerton wrote:

      > Well they don't call you fignoggle for nothing! That was it! I checked the IP the router gave the computer, and then did your walk through and forced the IP, and it picked up the G-100 automatically. So I am a happy camper, Thanks for holding my hand,

      I've a couple of sites which were installed with just a crossover cable
      ( not g100's ;) ) and the other thing to watch out for is the switch on
      sequence. Windows will switch off the network stuff if there is no cable
      connected, so one machine would not work unless both were switched on
      before they got to windows. ( Difficult when they are in different rooms
      :( )
      There is a registry setting for switching off 'media sense', but I don't
      have the notes to hand. As long as th g100 is powered up before the
      computer it should not be a problem, but if you pull the cat5 cable and
      see 'cable disconnected' it my be ;)

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