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42727Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Parker Hannifin CD20 drives with Mach3

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  • art
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Hi c:

      > move. I know they are live because if I disconnect the step and
      > direction wires to the controller with everything powered up, the
      > motors chatter. But, Mach cannot make the motors move. The manual
      > for the controllers says that they expect a "low-going transition" for
      > step and direction signals. It also says that "the input should
      > remain low for not less than 5us and not more than 30us" Max step
      > rate is 50kHz in half-step mode which is how they are jumpered.

      If the motors chatter when the step/dir lines are disconnected, the I
      suspect one thing,
      either they are 12 volt (or 24Volt) inputs (many parker's are). Youd need to
      make a 24 volt level shifter to run them. (I dumped a few parkers years ago
      due to poor performance due to this issue..)

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