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42689Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Parker Hannifin CD20 drives with Mach3

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  • Les Newell
    Nov 1, 2005
      Hi Corey,

      Are you using a Parker drive rack or are you directly connecting to the
      drives? The drives use 12V logic, not 5V. The Campbell board uses 5V.
      You need to use an open collector buffer chip, something like a ULN2003
      darlington driver should work.


      corey94945 wrote:

      >Hi guys, this is my first CNC project and I need some help.
      >I accidentally bought a Denford Easimill 3 cnc mill last weekend.
      >Here is a link that shows what it looks like (not mine).
      >The mechanical bits are in great shape, but the controller itself was
      >dead. I spent a few days on it, then discovered it was hopeless and
      >decided to replace it. It is stepper drive, the motor drivers are
      >Parker Hannifin CD20's, here is a link.
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