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3867DRO set by VB SCriot and manually was Re: Version 2.5 online..

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  • japrenticeuk
    Dec 1, 2003
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      --- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "Digital audio Pro"
      <digitalaudiopro@w...> wrote:
      > John, it seems to be some problems with macro buttons relative to
      a DRO
      > value.
      > Try the manual example for changing the feedrate with buttons, and
      > the feedrate DRO manually. After this try to change it through the
      > buttons. The macro stall. You have to close and restart mach2 to
      get it
      > working again.
      > Do you have the same problem ?
      > Olivier.

      Yes but not quite the same. After the manual setting of the DRO, the
      button with the VB Script on it sometimes works - if you press it
      many times.

      The same problem exists with other DROs (including user ones).

      The problem does not exist if the button calls a macro in a file
      with the same script in it.

      I have sent a layout and macro file to Art which makes it easy to
      demonstrate the problem - we will hear from him soon I am sure.

      Best wishes

      John Prentice
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