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  • mike
    Nov 1, 2003
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      Personally I vote (Do we get a vote?)for a third printer port....
      Can it even be done? Back in the old DOS days it could. With windows
      I am not sure. BUT, using three axis, I need three encoders (six i/o)
      six limit switches (three more i/o) and an E-stop. (one i/o) oops,
      out of i/o. I would like to turn my router on and off under control
      as well as the dust collector (Shopvac). Anyone figured this one out
      yet? Sure I could make a quick run to Radio Shack and rig some
      discrete electronics to read the limit switches and turn the dust
      collector and the router on anytime the axis are not at home. This is
      easy to do but not what you would call elegant (or flexible). I would
      like the control program to be in control of everything.

      By the way do not take this as a swing at The Mach series, it is a
      HUGE value.

      And yes the new Gecko board sounds like it will solve all of my
      problems but when will it be released? And will it even work with