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144847RE: [mach1mach2cnc] Re: More information needed for setting up a CNC lathe

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  • Donald Clifton
    Jul 9, 2014

      Thanks Guys, I'm looking at the Hall sensor that PMDX sells. I have uses a lot of their product without any issue. I'm setting up this lathe as a hobby/ project and a learning experience. The Lathe I'm using is a Techno that was already setup for CNC with ball screws but missing it's controllers. It had a encoder for spindle speed already attached to a second pulley. The reason I mention the disc size was to increase pulse which was first mentioned along with problem with speed / RPM. The smaller disc would help with both these factors, the smaller the disc would give you slower surface speed which would give you a longer pulse. The reason I'm going with the Hall sensor was it will give me one pulse per revolution. Does any of this mach sense or am I way off base.

      Thanks again

         Donald Clifton


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      Hi Don,

      The width of the pulse only has to be long enough for Mach3 to detect the transition. Mach3 looks for the transition at the start of the pluse and doesn't care about the length. It then looks for the trasition back at the end of the pulse so that it can start looking for the pulse start again.

      The pulse (slot) could be 1/2", or 1/2 of the disk itself., it doesn't matter. Just that it is long enough to detect the start and end.




      Peter Homann

      On Wed 09/07/14 1:44 PM , "Don@... [mach1mach2cnc]" <mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      OK, I now see what you are explaining.  I think. I hadn't thought of the diameter, width, of the magnet being a factor.  I can see the effect of my little 1/8" D magnets at 1" D vs at 4"d on the spindle pulley would change the pulse width,

      Last question though, is it really a consideration?  How sensitive is Mach3 to the width of the pulse vs the frequency of the pulses? Seems that the frequency would be more important than the width. 

      Don R



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