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144108Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Windows 8 - OT

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  • Lester Caine
    Apr 9, 2014
      Henrik Olsson wrote:
      > Lester,
      > Mach3 generally runs fine on 64-bit Windows systems.
      > However, if you want to run an actual machine and not just "simulate" then
      > you uou MUST use an external motion controller, such as the KFlop, DSPMC, CSMIO,
      > Smoothstepper etc etc. The LPT-port driver does NOT work with 64bit operation
      > systems, never has and never will - plenty of discussions around that over the
      > last couple of months.

      I'm still using the parallel port ;)
      And W8 will not install on the ITX boxes I've been using hence the stock of XP
      licences ...

      But what muddies the water a bit here is that the USB controller I've been
      playing with does not work with Mach3 ;)

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