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144106Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Windows 8 - OT

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  • Henrik Olsson
    Apr 9 1:45 AM
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      Mach3 generally runs fine on 64-bit Windows systems.
      However, if you want to run an actual machine and not just "simulate" then you uou MUST use an external motion controller, such as the KFlop, DSPMC, CSMIO, Smoothstepper etc etc. The LPT-port driver does NOT work with 64bit operation systems, never has and never will - plenty of discussions around that over the last couple of months.

      9 april 2014, Lester Caine <lester@...> skrev:

      Further 3 hours and W8.1 is up ...
      Certainly it feels a little more 'familiar' but having to right click the
      'windows' button which replaces the start button is the sort of irritating
      change that would take some getting used to. But when a familiar action fails,
      an alternative used in Linux or on the Android table does seem to work :)

      BUT - W8/8.1 are only available as 64bit? At least I've not found any machines
      with a 32bit version, so what IS the current state of play with Mach3 on 64bit

      Lester Caine - G8HFL

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