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144096Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Windows 8 - OT

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  • Lester Caine
    Apr 8, 2014
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      CNCWoodworker@... wrote:
      > No, he just likes posting about his disdain for all versions of windows. He's
      > been complaining about Windows regularly at least since XP.

      Well this laptop rolled up for one of my wife's colleagues just before lunch. So
      far it's been running updates to W8 since 12 ... 7 hours so far. No sign yet
      that I can start to update to W8.1 ...
      I need to do it for them as they don't have a decent broadband connection where
      they live but even with my 8Mb line it's slow going :(

      XP works fine, and I still have licences on the shelf to install the
      Mach-in-a-box setups which I'm just waiting for Taig to deliver the mills for.

      For once it's not windows that has a problem with <Ctrl>C, although just how DO
      you open a command prompt in W8 so you can actually USE it on the command line?
      It's sod's on the Linux development side who are totally screwing up perfectly
      functional code which used to be better than the windows options. 'Gimp' used to
      be something I used in place of PSP, but now I'm actually using PSP again just
      to get the job done quicker ... With the latest windows it's learning just were
      they have moved basic functions to that is the slowdown now :(
      Start Button - Windows Update - Job done ... A white screen with just a progress
      bar and no idea as to how many more updates are to be done is bloody stupid ...

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