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  • Jim Osborne
    Feb 11, 2014
      To my reckoning, SATA drivers, for Windows XP, were released in SP1 and were improved in SP2 and  SP3. Apparently, the original XP release did not support SATA technology. Windows XP was first released in 2001. With a newer BIOS and SP3, XP seems to run Mach3 with no problems on all XP boxes.

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      Hi Guys  iv'e got 2 machines and loaded xp pro then i went to microsoft and downloaded 2 files  called sp2 sp3 .i am also running sata with 4 gig memory. and all works fine on my taig cnc mill and my taig cnc lathe. xp pro is an older cd that i had when it came out. 

      Thank You Brian

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      if your install cd is an original older XP it wont recognize the sata hard drive in the newer pc because the drivers are not on the older cds.
      I went crazy trying to install my original XP pro onto a newer machine till I searched the net and found out why.
      there is a workaround but I have never tried it.
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          actually I do have my old cd installation but it never occurred to me it would work on Win8 machine, can you give me further details on how to do,


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