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142006RE: [mach1mach2cnc] NF wizard licence

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  • Tony Smith
    Nov 6, 2013
      > Yes of course the problem is Windows, not the silly way Mach3 does some
      > things.. (sarcasm)
      > The real problem was creating license file name that the end user has to
      > modify to make it work, that is just a recipe for disaster. Then to make
      > matters even more confusing the guys at ArtSoft changed the license system
      > to Mach3 so that you could leave the serial number on the end of the
      > file but they DID NOT change it for the NFS Wizard licenses. Now we have
      > two different ways that license files are treated on the same program!!!!!
      > How the hell is an end user supposed to figure this stuff out?????
      > This type of thing, making users jump through hoops is a design issue with
      > Mach itself. The operating system has nothing at all to do with it. Why

      We had a little thread on this before. Mach wants to write to the \Program
      Files folder, which is now off limits.

      Unless you run as admin.

      So rather than move the data to %appdata% like you're supposed to, just make
      the users run as admins. Awesome.

      You wonder how these people get by in other operating systems that don't let
      you dump crap wherever you like.

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