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142001NF wizard licence

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  • Lester Caine
    Nov 5, 2013
      Not having used the newfangled wizards for some time - although I think I bought
      a licence ... AH back in 2006 :) now I can check things out ...

      Anyway ... it's working fine for me, but one of my customers is getting a
      problem using the created gcode. Licence is in the right place I think ( doing
      this over the phone ) so no message about being in 'demo mode' when starting up,
      but having saved the gcode he is getting a message back in mach3 about
      'unlicensed code'. He was going to come over so we could have a look, but he had
      a fall at the weekend and can't drive at the moment.

      Anybody got any thoughts on what may be wrong otherwise I may need to take a run
      over later in the week ...

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