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139921Re: [mach1mach2cnc] New Machine - Now running

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  • johntech
    Apr 24, 2013
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      Dave and all

      Here is a link to the machine I purchased http://tinyurl.com/bku9c9k
      The frame looks to be 1/2" aluminum and the table is extruded. The machine
      looks solid, it was just put together sloppy. All the limit switches will have to be replaced
      as they look like they cost about 10 cents.

      I'm not sure who built it, but I found a lot of things that needed fixed since I purchased it.
      Even the crate it came in was made of 1/4" plywood and 1/8" perforated angle iron screwed
      together with sheet metal screws. It wasn't even strapped down to the crate.
      I have seen others on the list swear this is the best place to buy parts but as far as a whole
      machine, I have my doubts.

      I will comb through the whole machine now that it is actually working and able to "make chips".
      I need to get the spindle motor wired and the motor control for it setup setup. Finish setting up
      Gerry's 2010 Screenset so everything works like my old mill.

      Thanks again for all who offered suggestions to get this machine up and running.

      John Frankforther

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      Hi John,

      I'm picturing that this machine is built from alloy extrusions, like my
      bench top machine. If the guy who built it left screws lose, you can
      probably be sure he didn't true the machine up and the X axis will not be true to
      the bed. A height gauge is the best thing for checking each end of the X
      axis linear rails are the same height off the bed, but I'm sure if you
      haven't got one you can find a way with a ruler. You may have the option to
      raise the X axis (Z axis) and this would be a good reason why an assembler
      would leave screws lose as they might expect you to custom set it up. Mine
      was second hand but in new condition and the first thing I did was rip it all
      apart, built a new Z axis to get max movement I could. Don't be
      disheartened.. if a component doesn't look up to the job, you'll get great pleasure
      from eventually upgrading it and making it your own custom machine. You're
      nearly there.

      Regards Dave

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      Well I got most of the bugs worked out and started doing some test cuts.
      So far it looks like the machine was worth the money until I noticed the
      Z motor was moving up and down as the Z axis was moving.

      It looks like I have to go through the machine and tighten down ALL
      the hardware!! As the machine was running the screws that hold the Z axis
      in place were ready to fall out. This machine was doomed from the

      But I will prevail and make it a tight running machine that is worth doing
      some serious milling!

      John Frankforther
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      Hi John,

      That's the one! :0) Yeh, you don't do it every day so you forget.
      Setting it up from scratch is not hard with a little help from Art's
      Happy to help.

      Regards Dave Kennedy

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